Tribute To Led Zeppelin - Beth Hart on Vinyl

Received this a couple of weeks back before going on vacation and only just got the chance to give it a spin.
To my surprise, on the second disc the labels are correct on each side but it turns out the tracks on side C are the same as those on side A (Whole Lotta Love/Kashmir). The tracks on Side D are correct.

Anyone else experienced this ?

Cant make up my mind whether to keep it as an oddity or return it for replacement.

Mine was preordered Orange vinyl and delivered on day of release.
All sides play correctly😊

That’s the other thing - I ordered the black vinyl version, but what was sent was the orange vinyl.

All very strange.

I suppose that some Zeppelin freak would pay to take that off your hands, but think of the music that you’re missing.

I’d probably just get another copy and keep the “wrong” one you got just in case.

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Side C is great! I would order new to hold it or ask for a replacement. I have the red and the orange one with correct sides.

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