Trichord Dino 3 any good?

Any views would be great

Hi @sjw
We have the Dino 3, with Dino+ power supply. This is fed by a Rega3 with Ortofon Blue 2M MM cartridge. The tt / Cartridge doesn’t get anywhere near exploiting the phono stage fully but the combination is certainly very engaging with a balanced sound that doesn’t emphasise any particular frequencies. The most obvious description of the combination woud be that it ‘boogies’ really well! Perhaps less analytical than other combinations.

We don’t have experience with other combinations but are very happy - cartainly benefits from the Dino + and we like the fact that if we improved the tt, the phono stage would cope.

I notice from your profile that you have Audiovector floorstanders - we do too and really like them. Considered having them upgraded recently but found the cost to change had increased significantly - almost cheaper to buy new which is disappointing.

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