Troika anyone?

No, I have flying leads from the cartridge and from the ARO, but Peter Swain has bundled them up fine.

If I had known about this, I would have specified pins only on the Troika, just to satisfy my desire for neatness.

I have two Troikas. One with flying leads for Ekos and the one I sent in recently I asked David to put pins as I am going to install it on my ARO. I did not have any problem dealing with the flying leads but the Pins are neater and I don’t have to worry about dressing much.


You’re absolutely right, Kuma. Peter has done a great job dressing the wires, but it would have been neater - and arguably a better connection - if the Troika had pins, rather than flying leads.

I’m actually thinking of buying another Troika to have in reserve, in case of disaster (I have to shoo my cleaning lady away from the Linn), and I would certainly opt for just pins on the cartridge body, if I manage to find another one.

Anyway, the LP12/ARO/Troika is playing Pink Floyd’s ‘Atom Heart Mother’ at the moment, and sounding splendid!


Dear @graham55

It’s great you’ve managed to sort everything for your second system. It’s a beauty.

It would be super if you could muster a few photos of your Troika and Aro, to share here, with us fellow Troika fans.

Best wishes

Hi there, RR, I did post a photo a few days ago, just after Peter had set up the LP12 (with his customary expertise).

But I’m d*mned if I can find the photo now!

Can anyone find it, and post a link to this thread, please?

(I’m listening to it now - fantastic!)

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There you go…

Graham, If you ever need to find a previous post, maybe look at your own post “activity”. Press your profile button and go to your profile page. Select “activity”, then scroll down until you find the post you are looking for…

Hope that helps?

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It’s a nice picture of your new second system. I was thinking more of close up arrangements. For Troika and Aro ?

Personally, think the Troika one of the most beautifully designed bits of HiFi ever. Its industrial design being both elegant and clever. (Three point fixing). Combination of the curves and red colour being seductive too. Never get tired of studying pictures.

In the meantime, sharing a snap of mine…


Nice! :+1:

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I had a Troika for about 5yrs. Sounded lovely even though the cantilever was about 20deg off centre. :man_shrugging:. Eventually replaced with K17D3 Karat. Also sounds lovely.


I haven’t the first idea how to post photos here. I’ll get help to do so next week.

Nice plinth too

Flutes are best :+1:

I wonder if anyone on here actually realise that the Goldring rebuilt Troikas are actually a Klyde with your old Troika body.
Just saying the rebuilds will never be a Supex original.
Look great though. :+1:t2:

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Sure. Troika’s are uniquely pleasing to the eye…

I remember replacing my used Troika (worn) with a Klyde and was not very impressed?!

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Marmite cart.
Some were great and some were Krap lucky dip. :+1:t2:


I have fond memories of my Troika when it first came out. Used it with an Ekos for years and don’t know why I moved it on. Tried a lot of turntables and have decided to return to LP12 quite recently. Have just purchased an Aro and rebuilt Troika with pins. Going to custom build an Lp12 using mover parts.

Great ! Go for Pre Cirkus with Naim.

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Isn’t that a bit like saying the Krystal is just a Klyde? Both built by Goldring but nothing like each other. The Klyde and Troika bodies are vaguely similar but that doesn’t mean the interiors are the same.

A mine of disinformation!

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