Troika anyone?

Agreed…Klyde was awful (although, I was once informed that later models were better). Dull sounding.

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I would need to check what I paid Goldring, Stevie, but I think that it was something in the order of £750 for a complete rebuild, with the most expensive cantilever/stylus. My recollection is that there were three possible prices, depending on the work done.

I have an entry in an old bank statement of £789, which must be it.

Far from inexpensive, but you are buying a handbuilt item of real quality.

Lot cheaper than an also handbuilt Kandid or Ekstatik, even with the discount.

Hmmm… will investigate, ta.

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Hi, Stevie, you may find that the most difficult thing is to find an old Troika in the first place. It’s certainly worth the effort, if you find one and have it rebuilt.

You might imagine that Goldring would buy in as many old ones as they can, but that’s clearly not their business model.


Is it Klyde guts in the rebuild?

Sorry for this late response but only just read your post.

Edit\ and just read the responses. Minefield.

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Saw several ended listings on Ebay, so they do come up. Not in a rush.

But…more investigation needed.

They didn’t do any Troika rebuilds until after they started doing the Klyde after the Troika from Supex was discontinued as were all linn Supex cartridges.
It’s more than a coincidence that this is now being offered in a same shape generator.
At best the rebuilds will be as good as a good Klyde but with better cosmetics and a three point point mount.
It might even be rather Krystalesque but the cantilever mounting has a different housing the centre of the Troika an Klyde are dust covers.
Given a must have choice I would rather have a rebuilt Troika than a Krystal but that’s me after having two faulty Krystal’s.



Interesting. Food for thought.
Thanks @Skeptikal

Much as I would’ve liked a Troika (just could not afford one at the time, but loved my friend’s one) & think them lovely in appearance, I don’t particularly want just a Troika look-a-like.

Will think on. I’ve got time before the Kandid needs replacing.

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This is the text of the quote i had from David@goldring in January 2022:

I can refurbish your Troika as follows,
Replace the cantilever with a new one (aluminium tube) fitted with a Vital shape diamond.
Or as a alternative upgrade fit a Boron cantilever with a Micro Ridge diamond.
Rewind the coil/armature with new copper wire.
Replace the tie-wire assembly/suspension with new.
Clean & run full operating tests.
The cost will be £400 plus VAT and shipping for the standard repair.
Or £650 plus VAT and shipping for the Boron cantilever option.

Prices have probable gone up a bit since then, what with inflation etc.
I also went with the “upgraded” version.
I also have a low mileage ESC rebuilt troika in my spares draw… just in case accidents happen.

You’re welcome.
I’m not popular sometimes but I say it like it is I’ve been around. :thinking:
None will come close to the Kandid. :heart_eyes:
The later carts are a no go for me at all. :-1:t2:

It won’t be as good as your Goldring rebuild. :wink:

I bought it as an unused ESC rebuild of the 'bay, so i could replace my very worn original that went off to Goldring for the rebuild. Sadly i don’t think either of the rebuilds sound the same as the original, not that i am unhappy with either of them, they are just different.

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I said the very same near the start of this thread and got a rough ride so I’m glad you agree too.
I loved my Supex one. :heart_eyes:

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Yes, those Supex/Linn MCs (with the possible exception of the first Asaks and Tracs) were definitely something special.

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