Trouble disconnect a Neutrik bnc plug from preamp

Some years ago my Linn dealer installed BNC plugs on my LP12 to fit my Naim preamp directly.
Now I need to disconnect the player. However, I cannot figure out how.

I have tried mild force without success. Both turning, pushing and various combinations of these actions. I have googled it without success.

How do I disconnect them?

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(pictures from my stereo and the type i think it is from my google sessions)

It’s the tiniest push and then twist anti-clockwise.

If i push the black part towards the amplifier I can feel there is some kind of play. It moves inwards approx around 0,5mm.
And if i push it and twist anti-clockwise. Nothing happens, it wont move.

Can you slide the black bit off so you can see what’s going on inside? It looks as though there is some sort of join. I’d be holding the plug as near to the back of the amp as possible.

@wito This is what a bare bnc looks like (just the plug end, ignore the thread)

The chassis mounted socket has two pins that the grooves slide over and then as you twist it pulls the connector together.

As HH points out, twisting it anti-clockwise will loosen it but you need to grip the metal part in case the rubber sheathing over it is simply spinning.

Maybe a small pair of pliers on the metal part of the plug if the sheath won’t pull back?

The initial push is needed to get the pins in the right place before you can twist. It’s the wider bit at the end of the slot that keeps the plug in place.

Those Neutrik BNC’s are quite unusual. According to Neutrik they use a push/pull locking system. How it works I don’t really know (I assume you push in and then pull out, without a twisting action) as I haven’t yet found anything online to explain it. However, one concern is that they are no longer available and as far as I can see only seem to have been available as 75ohm connectors, which is incorrect for use on the Naim phono inputs (these are 50ohm). Do you know if these are a specific 50 ohm version?

I’ll keep looking to see if I can find any info about the push/pull locking system, and whether it’s any different to normal BNC locking.

BNC 50Ω and 75Ω connectors mate perfectly (mechanically speaking) and at audio frequencies, the impedance difference is of no significance.

I’ve been trying to find a video of this but have failed. It’s supposed to be removable with one hand so it must be a case of pushing then pulling but with no twisting. I’ve never seen a BNC like that before.

Seems like an unnecessary and unnecessarily complicate improvement to something that didn’t really need improvement in the first place!

Besides which if it doesn’t use the twist it can’t be a BNC (Bayonet Neill–Concelman connector)… to classify as a bayonet connection it must be push & twist.

(I suppose it could classify as a BNC compatible Push-pull Neill–Concelman connector! - Not to be confused with the Police National Computer.)

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One down. One to go
The push pull seems in this case to be pull hard. Didn’t need to twist. I recon that the lack of twist is part of the plugs construction and works both way, connecting and disconnecting.

The remaining is little bit harder. And i havent got the mental strength yet to give it a hard pull. But I’m confident that it works in the same way as the other one.

Thanks for helping me out with this problem
Best regards Tomas


Although this is a commercial website, the product is obsolete, so hopefully Richard will allow it. It says that the plug needs 20N force to insert (and presumably to remove it).



Once the other one is off I’d suggest getting some standard BNCs fitted. They are horrible to solder so it’s really something for a competent dealer, but it would far simpler in the long run.

I used the first time push-pull BNC connectors with these Mogami cables

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