True Signal Audio Cables?

I’ve got a good offer on DIN DIN, DIN XLR made by this brand but cannot find much on them. UK made. Will evaluate them coming weeks.

Anyone have experience or relevant feedback on cables made by this brand together with Naim products?

My dealer Signals sells them and they are pretty good. They are a company that make cables for military uses etc, this is a bit of a sideline for them. To me they just seem to try out cables they make for other applications……so a bit hit and miss for me. Not heard from them for a while……they have had decent magazine reviews.
James might be right about Signals not selling them?


True Signal are now sold by VAL HiFi


Excellent cables at a great price. Replaced almost all the interconnects and all speaker connections in my active system with True Signals and the PRAT was even better than with SL.

Customer service is outstanding as well.

Enjoy using them in your system.

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