Trying to connect new TV with naim nate amp

I understand I need a DAC converter, which I believe converts optical cable output to analogue. However, to connect that to my 5-pin Nate seems to involve a cable costing hundreds, which seems ludicrous. Any tips?

Also, is this the right approach? Not completely sure.

What output options do you have from the TV?

Which Nait do you have?

Does the TV have an analogue output? If so you simply use that. If you have a streamer and / or DaC you can connect optically to it with a cable that costs about a fiver.

Thanks for the fast reply. I have a Naim Nate 1 (early one anyhow). The amp has DIN sockets, and positive and negative outputs for the speakers, but the TV only has (I think) HDMI and optical output. I believe there may be a lipsyching issue, though, which I don’t want, so perhaps not worth considering, not sure.

The DACs I’ve seen have cables with them to connect to the TV optical. The issue is connecting the DAC to my old Naim Nate which only has 5pin DIN inputs

OK, easy enough.
Optical in to the dac.
Out of the dac. Get a dac with co ax analogue outputs. They should all have this unless its an expensive hifi dac with ‘special’ outputs.
At the nait get a cable that connects to the nait input but then terminates in co ax inputs. Cheap on a well known auction site.

Re lip synching, you will just have to try it.

Does your tv have a headphone socket?

Bruss in the past I’ve used the 3.5mm headphone out , but our new LG has a Toslink straight to muso2 and very good it is too

Yep, headphone will give the straight to headphone socket in on a cable to the Nait. No dac needed, but headphone out is usually on the front. So untidy. Lol.

My Headphone socket is at the back, so I suspect it depends on model. You might also be able to get a right angled 3mm jack to reduce sticking-out-ness

image image

Direct connection and around 25 - 30 pounds.

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flashbacksales do the ones with a locking 5-pin din for £26 but no right angled options

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Yes, plenty out there. Cheap from a couple of pounds if the op just wants to try it out. Better cables cost as much as anyone wants to pay. If an extension is needed, again phono to phono cables are available.

Thanks, everyone, that’s very helpful. I will try your suggestions.

Hi John
In a similar situation to you, we used a cheap optical toslink cable out of the TV to a Cambridge Audio Dacmagic 100, then a flashback cables RCA to DIN cable from the DAC to the amplifier. This provides a very affordable, simple solution which worked really well.

As we now have a posh hifi dac, we now use a 3m long, cheap optical toslink cable from the usual on-line retailer (“the river”) into the hifi dac. Sure it is even better now but the DACmagic 100 is great for a typical TV.

Hope this helps, BF

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And a pleasure to deal with, though I think a small DAC such as a ProJect from the digital out and then a flashback cable will give a decent sound for under £200.

If it has an analogue out then just a Flashback cable will suffice.

Hi. Just seen a basic dac on RS website: £49 & a flashback rca to din is cheap; should do the job for a reasonable price :blush:

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