TT Technics sl 1200 mk2 + Audio-technica VM540ML cartridge

Hello, I’m from Chile, South America. I want to know if somebody has any experience with TT sl1200 and atvm540ml. Actually i have it with a shure m-44-7. Thanks.

This would attract more responses on a Technics or Audio Technica forum possibly?
Then again… some one here may have that combo.

A quick search shows that Technics 1200 users like a lot Audio Technica Art 9. Some Denon DL 103, Ortofon Bronze.
Some specialists recommend “ low medium compliance “ carts. Don’t know if your cart is a low compliance…

Sorry, I forgot that Naim Nait xs + Flatcap xs + Stageline N (MM) complete my system.

I’m running a at-vm95e on my techie 1200gr through a stageline n and it sounds great to my 45 year old ears! This replaced a linn lp12/basik/grado/lingo and I couldn’t be happier!

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thanks, Technarchy.

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