Tuning radio channels

Continuing the discussion from Naim star radio channels:

Thanks , silly question how do I do this found this area but no search

Once you have turned the input on (it was probably on already…) then you tap the iradio icon on the streamer home page and it’s obvious from there.

If you navigate through the Internet Radio input you will see a ‘filter’ that you can use to search, but this is entirely useless as it only searches the list you are already looking at (unless, perhaps, you have forgotten your alphabet!)

What you actually need to do can be done from the app home page without the need to open the input. Tap the little magnifying glass icon in the top right corner and type your search there. Top of the list of results is radio stations, but unlike the other results, for some reason they are not visible until you tap the little arrow on the right to reveal them.

I had no idea you could do a global search for radio stations using that button. Every day is a school day. Thanks.