Turning off my USB Blackjet/Samsung EVO860 in the middle of listening

I have a STAR with a USB 3 Blackjet/Samsung EVO860 1 TB SSD drive that i finally got set up to rip with my STAR to my Music Room. I was listening to a music file and got the call to dinner and couldn’t find a stop “button” on either my remote controller or my iPad Mini 4. How do you stop the unit from playing so you can put the STAR to sleep? I am sure it is an easy fix, however this is my first high tech music system and am a bit lost. Thanks

Hi, the play button becomes a pause button while music is playing. You need to look at the bottom bar of the app, or tap on it to reveal the play queue and the full range of controls.
There is also a play/pause button on the remote, and on the front of the Star.

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