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I might be in the market for a new turntable, currently looking at either a MoFi Ultradeck or Technics SL-1200G(R). (Very different tables, I know) My question mainly concerns the latter. Does anyone here have an opinion or insight on whether it would be best to go with the GR and upgrade the arm, or go with the G and leave it stock?

I’ve heard mixed reports about the quality of the stock arms, and when audtioning you of course hear the table as a whole, so hard to judge what such an upgrade would bring exactly.


Any other advice or suggestions are of course also appreciated.

Hi, a friend of mine Is a hifi dealer and a Technics dealer. Even though he himself is a Linn owner since a long time, talking about this he told me that this new breed of the 1200s Is very well build and a sure performer.
Your two options are quite different though… :thinking:

I don’t know anything of the 2 TTs you mention but at that price point I would look at a Rega RP3 or perhaps even 6.

Good luck.


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Instead of MoFi, I would also rather look into Rega or Project. Obviously you´ll get the better price / performance ratio with them, because what MoFi says about Wow and Flutter performance of their turntable isn´t worth over 100 bucks. A flea market find can usually do this with ease.

In addition, a Technics SL-1200 cannot be compared against any belt drive. With its direct drive, it has a completely different approach and performance, so it also sounds significantly different.

By the way, your tonearm choise should be dependent on which cartridges at what price range you want to use. With MM, I wouldn’t worry at all the original tonearm would show any weaknesses. Even with MCs under $ 2000 I wouldn’t worry too much and start with the original tonearm.

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I think a p8 would better compare to the MoFi, they’re similarly priced, and from what I’ve read it’s indeed a lot better than the P6. But I’m not a Rega fan.

Not necessarily because of how they sound, but I just don’t like the “Apple” approach, of locking you in to their way of doing things. I know, like with Apple, for many people that’s a plus, it just works if you do things their way, but I’d rather have full flexibility to make my own mistakes.

You really need to demo the Technics turntable. I would pit it against a RP3 or RP6.

It depends what you want to use it for. Rega TTs are very simple. The Technics are very well built.

Regas are more hifi and Technics more DJ. You can use the Technics for hifi but you will find a difference I sound and style.

I would stick with the stock arm with the Technics.

Maybe check out a few different turntables. I’ve had the RP3, Linn Axis, and now LP12.

Have played around with my mates Technics 1200 decks for DJing.

The for DJ-ing tables are really the ‘old’ SL1200’s. Your mate probably had an mk6 or older?
They recently did a mk7 for DJ’s as well.

The SL-1200GAE, G & GR, are made with audiophiles / Hi-Fi in mind, not DJ’s. Even just look at their price points. The fact that they still have things like pitch-control is just for the marketing department. It’s the iconic look they didn’t want to change.

I’m sure the P3 wouldn’t be a serious contender in this line-up. The p6 might be vs the 1200GR, but not the G or the MoFi (judging by what others say, still have to audition myself). But as mentioned I have other reasons for not wanting to go Rega so it’s all moot. I might audition a P6 or p8 though even if just to see what the fuss is all about.

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It sounds like you have done your research and like the look of those two. Been reading some very good reviews about the Mofi Ultradeck. Looks like a great turntable. And of course you won’t go wrong with a Technics 1200 deck.

If you don’t want a Rega then I get that. Everyone has their biases and mine is for Linn Lp12s!

I like the idea of being able to upgrade and change parts of a turntable to suit my needs.

Be interested to hear about your finding after a demo.

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To be precise Technics didn´t intend to go with a specific turntable for DJing. Their original approach was to launch a turntable that´s best in regards of speed accuracy, could reach out appropriate speed within a quarter of a platters turn, very low rumble and beeing therefore focused on a high torque direct drive motor. Those features were requested by broadcasting institutions all over the world and wouldn´t even comprimise any aspect for beeing best for HiFi. Intention was simply to become best in town - and they simply did it again (from a technical perspective) with their modern reincarnation of SL-1200 and SP-10.

But those features were also exactly those DJs wanted for coping with some incompatibilities (for mixing and scratching) they were facing with idler wheel turntables used at the time in discotheques (Colins, Garrad, QRKs, Sparta, Rek o Kuts …).

But all of you are right; a direct drive will always sound different than a belt driven turntable. But that´s due to the different technical approach in the drive train. What you can hear well here in comparison is the effect of less rumble and the lower speed fluctuations.


Why not the CS Port. Air floating arm and platter. Only 48 k.


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It looks like it has silver Fraim sides already. Ideal and a bargain :rofl:

Yes, a real bargain :laughing:

Might be slightly out of my budget :wink:

But is good looking. I think you like the slightly more futuristic ones, but that’s not my thing. This one strikes a nice balance.

If I win the lottery I’ll consider it.

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Yes N lot, you have guessed my likes :grin:

This one , Soulines Kubrick, costs around 2k. Not 50k like the CS Port.

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