Turntable chassis?

Hi everyone .

I inherited this when I took over a storage unit, years ago.

It doesn’t carry any part numbers or makers marks. It’s very heavy!

Any ideas ?

Fascinating. I have to ask the most stupud of questions though. Are you sure it’s a turntable chassis? The spindle pin looks a bit short once an imaginary platter is added. Given the two motor mounts, I wondered if it wasn’t a reel to reel faceplate instead if you rotate it 90 degrees. It looks to have two capstons to guide tape over a slot where a head would sit and two VU meters at the top. Plus it has no obvious place for an arm assembly.

I’m sure I’ll be proved wrong.

I agree with FZ. It doesn’t look much like a turntable chassis. For all that, I haven’t a clue what it may be from.

My guess is a Sony U-Matic video recorder chassis. Or similar.

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Wow. Makes even the Linn Keel look skinny…!!!

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@feeling_zen & @Richard.Dane
Being that the last record player I owned was a Ferguson Studio 6, my knowledge of turntables is very limited.
Over time, I’ve dreamt up a theory that it was a turntable used for radio broadcasting. I imagine that it would take a hefty knock to get a needle to jump on that thing!

@Blythe & @feeling_zen Good shout! Either of those suggestions would also explain the sprung static strip on the bottom of the spindle.

@IanRobertM You wouldn’t want to stub your toe on it!


Early hard disc drive? When 10MB was considered huge

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Just watched this

I think that you’re onto something here!

That might be worth something. $$$

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