Turntable issue, any bright ideas?

I’ll move the hcdr to the lowest shelf tomorrow, cable length from turntable dictates Aria needs to be on upper level.

Yes that explains a lot, big tv set really directly under the turntable and also directly above the phono stage.
Also all that stuff on the same mains groups, you might want to see if something can be done in that respect at some point.
Good you’re moving some stuff around, it’s rainy outside anyway (at least here in NL).
I wish you a speedy unbothered listnening experience again!

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HCDR moved to next shelf down and not directly under Ania.

Blue ray player pulled out, probably hasn’t been used in over 5 years at least.

I’ll get in and perform some more rigorous cable dressing this weekend.

I could always relocate the Yamaha streamer to bottom left next to HCDR.

Yam moved, CD’s tidied away.

Can now see distances for the related equipment.

And the big question is… how’s the hum now? :smile:

With the TV, Sky and Fire Stick (I mean, look at the age of the TV!, although it does have a picture quality that eludes most newer ones, especially off axis due to Panasonic wide view tech, which is useful in this room) all off, blissful silence, just the expected increasing low level hiss with increase in volume and no signal coming through.

Still cable tidying to do this weekend. So for some reason or other the TV is emitting noise that it never did before, but I’ll put it down to its age. It will enforce me not to watch TV and listen to Vinyl at the same time, which isn’t a bad thing really.

Thanks to all for their suggestions, very much appreciated, we may not have discovered the why, but we got to the how.

Also, the rack looks a fair bit calmer to me, but then tidy always does.

Maybe it will lead to the most bizarre reason for a TV purchase for Black Friday, “I only bought this to improve the SQ of my vinyl”

I will swap in another screen to test noise effect on same circuit, not exactly a like for like but may as well.


Perhaps indeed a newer / bigger / thinner tv-screen attached to the wall a little bit higher up, and using the newfound space on the rack for the turntable?
Looks like a solid floor so the Planar could do without the wall shelf in that case (I have suspended floors where you do need a wall shelf).

Ok by way of quick experiment have relocated another TV in place of the existing one and no hum issues.

Will look at getting a new one to replace the humming cause as don’t like the idea that a device that was fine is now exhibiting issues, thin it by about it the set must be 14-15 years old.

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Good to hear that you finally found the source of the humming!

Unreal though, thinking back the set had displayed some “pixilation” on some transmissions lately, put it down to the atmospherics with all the storms etc, Sky, but reckon when you piece it together it is starting to fail, so best swap it out.


This week my mesh router is now giving up after only 3,5 years, this annoyed me.
Older Cisco and Apple Airport networking stuff still works after 10+ years, dead slow though.

Have now put in place the new TV and will need to do a comparison with the temporary one as to which one emits least amount of noise into the circuits. For sure the 14 year old Panasonic was by far the worst but with the volume up high (12 pm) you can hear the effect of all the TV’s on the circuit.

Switching it off at the mains results in silence. Just mention this if others have TV’s near the hifi from a power perspective and could be worth checking with it unplugged from the mains.

If it was background listening with either of the two newer TV’s and at more normal volumes it wouldn’t be discernible, but now that I know it is there it will instil more discipline to turn it off when listening properly.

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Is the TV plugged into the same power group as the Aria? TVs and fridges and the likes are notorious for pushing DC interference back into the circuit.

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Yes, no getting away from it, 4 wall sockets, all sharing the load.

The TV caused hum is now really minimal and you have to go looking for it with unfeasibly high volume setting.

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Ok so first chance to bite the bullet and see if the TV generated noise was actually the cause of me swapping out the Rega Ania cart.

Happy to say that since swapping the Rega back in that it sounds glorious, so the previously thought dead cart, which is way under mileage, is alive after all.

Sounding wonderful all again.


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