Turntable ratios

A Linn LP12 is like climbing a mountain, it might not be the highest or have the best view but it looks like it’s a fair way up and once you’re on it it’s easier to keep going up than to go back down and start another one from scratch, especially as someone has cut some steps to help you.

Naim play the same game with their systems, though as yet not their turntable.


It’s just people’s desire for something better, or to have (what they perceive as) the latest and greatest. Anyone can buy an entry-level Majik LP12 and stay there. I’ve still got my original 80s deck, albeit with a better arm (Akito bearings failed), a different plinth and new lid and AC motor. It seems Linn is sometimes blamed for human nature.


I’ll not be changing out the cables in my Rb3000, as you say they are continuous from tab to decent RCAs.
But, what Rega have shown, is that the Rb3000 ( with or without the P10?), is happy with a £3k cartridge.


Exactly Nigel the monetary value in itself is no guide as to the synergy.

RB3000 is an amazing tonearm, I went from RB880 to RB3000 on my LP12 and it was a big leap forward in SQ.

As noted above, my dealer was serious about selling me a £3.5k cartridge with the Rb3000 ( you might say he would be).

The nice thing about the top Rega arms is that they work their magic on anything from a budget MM upwards. I also happen to think that once you get to a certain level of performance from your TT you’ll benefit from a top performance arm like the Rega.

An RB1000 absolutely transformed the performance of my Valhalla / Cirkus LP12 / 2M Bronze, compared to the same deck with Grace 707 / Supex MC.


In all cases you will be limited by the characteristics of the RB300. I can’t handle cartridges heavier than 11 g approximately.
For 1k I would recommend the Lyra Delos or Van den Hull. Or eventually Dynavector 20 . All three can match very well with the Rb3000.

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…there is a real-world way to sideline the question…get a turntable package from a manufacturer who makes all of the components. Mix and matches will inevitably have additional compromises, admittedly which might be overcome by advantages. One thing, for me, is certain…the cartridge is the least important of the three bolted together components…and the TT is the most important.

Great point about the mastering. My digital remastered Aja LP ìs like listening to a MP3 on vinyl!

Is that Geoff in Ashford by any chance.

I was at a Linn event when they were demonstrating the new Ekos tonearm. Two of the LP12s were the same except one was Ittok/Troika and the other Ekos/K9 - the Ekos/K9 equipped deck was superior. :slightly_smiling_face:


Yep. How did you guess?

Was having a conversation with Dan and Sam about E boards in my 72 and they mentioned they had another customer who did the same in a second system and had a gyrodec. I quest I must be you.
Also Geoff and Sam relieved me of £1500 more then I was intending to spend on my LP12 :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes::grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes::grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Definitely me. Guilty!
The E boards in the 72 were with a P6 and DV 10x5 mk2 though. The 322 mm boards were a bit weedy.
P6 and DV was from them though.

If the output of your dv is the same as the 10x5. then e cards in a 72 is exactly what you want.


20x2H with the E boards is superb as it was with the 10x5.


DV’s 10X - IMO - works well into 323 E or 523 E boards. Yes… I have both… :slightly_smiling_face:

So no surprise that a DV 20X2H also works… :grinning:


Great point about the mastering. My digital remastered Aja LP ìs like listening to a MP3 on vinyl!
It takes great skill to make Steely Dan sound bad

This is the one to get



Is it better than the original US AB1006 in the heavy glossy gatefold sleeve?