Turntable setup obsession and vertere

Ciao all, I own an lp12 which I love but I m obsessed with continuous setup and I m really not able to do it, I need a friend every time.
I auditioned the lp12 with funk firm vector transformation, it was unbelievable to my eyes but my problem would remain unsolved. I m thinking about rega or vertere mg1 but I would like to know, after first setup, what will be the periodical setup on the vertere.
Thanks to all

If an LP12 is set up properly by someone who knows what they are doing, it will stay in tune for years. They don’t need constant fiddling with.

Before changing decks you should reflect on whether the problem really will go away. If the answer is yes, and you are confident that this behaviour only relates to the LP12, then go ahead and swap decks. A Rega can be set up in ten minutes and then doesn’t need touching.

On the other hand, if you honestly feel that you’ll still be tempted to fiddle with any deck you have, it’s probably worth exploring what is driving the desire to fiddle.


The ultimate set-up and forget about it for life decks are the Technics ones. There’s one for almost any budget, SL-100C through to SL-1000R.


Not understood here. I am a LP12 owner of many years - and have never had a problem with it staying stable.

Try to worry less… :thinking:


Have you found Cymbiosis’ notes on setup, perhaps you could learn enough not to need to bother your friend.


No, where can I find them?


@Bluesfan is your guide on the Vertere MG. As I understand once installed all good.

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I thought Google was simple enough… Apparently not, for some… :thinking:

But if they learn, then thats good…!!

HH is right, but also…

An LP12 can be set up in ten minutes then doesn’t need touching.


I set up my SME in 2004, and it needs fiddling only when changing cartridges - other than that I clean the belt and add a drop or two of fresh oil to the motor and bearing once every few years. I have friends with LP12s that sound great, and they also require little to no fiddling once set up correctly. If yours is regularly going out of adjustment, I suggest something is not quite right in your setup.

As for the Vertere MG, I don’t know that particular tt, but I am a big fan of the Roksans that I’ve heard, so much so that when it came time for me to buy a new phono stage, I went for the phono-1 mk.iiL, and I am glad I did. Very high quality indeed, if that’s any indication.

The best advice above is not to worry so much. This hobby is supposed to be fun, not anxiety inducing. If your current rig is giving you grief, sell it and find something else that will allow you to sit back and enjoy your music (and not focus so much on the equipment). Although I know of no underlying reason why an LP-12 shouldn’t be capable of doing that, maybe it’s just not a good fit for you. You need only please yourself.


Well said.

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My LP12 gets set up when something changes. As others have said if done by a skilled person like John K in Audio T Brighton it won’t need touching for years. I have done it myself in the past, but it is a slow fiddly process and an expert does it better than I can.


I can’t post a link to a commercial site but a search (I use DuckDuckGo rather than google) for cymbiosis lp12 set up should lead you to a page of downloads, there are three volumes.

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You rang my Lord?

I’ve enjoyed 2 Linn LP12 turntables and a Roksan Xerxes 20+ prior to the Vertere MG-1.

The Xerxes was up there with Rega in terms of fit & forget ease of set-up and use.

The Vertere MG-1 has been very much like the Xerxes except for the tripivot SG-1 tonearm, which does need expert help to set-up the first time, after which it only needs revisiting when the cartridge wears out and/or needs changing.

Hope this helps, BF


Before asking I tried but I m living in Egypt and I was not able to download and I was wishing about a link in the forum. I m working in IT from 20 years and I m f as miliar to google. I didn’t answer to the previous comments on google usage because I didn’t want to spend useless time in polemics. @Yeti you be been really kind, thanks a lot


It helps and it is super clear. My issue with lp12 is that I change frequently the place in which I live and anytime after the shipment the setup is not that easy and in Africa none is familiar with a vinyl, a turntable or a linn and this is why I was thinking to a rega, but I assume that vertere is another league deck and I want to understand what is the setup effort to let it shine


Understood. The Vertere turntable itself is as easy to set up as a Rega deck.

However, the tonearm is not. Fortunately, there’s no dark art or black magic involved. You just need to make sure that either Vertere, who are really helpful & keen to help, or the dealer who sells you a Vertere deck, shows you how to fine tune the tonearm set-up. Once they have shown you how to do it, you will be fine.

As for the quality of the turntable, the Rega P10 is very good indeed and better in my view than an equivalently priced new LP12.

The Xerxes 20+ beat an equivalently priced LP12 when I made the comparison. I sold my LP12 to buy the Xerxes.

The Vertere MG-1, especially with the Tempo motor drive, is a very serious music maker. We traded in our Xerxes for the MG-1 and the MG-1 has improved significantly since then with the arrival of the Tempo motor control.

I hope this helps rather than confuses.

Best regards, BF


Thanks @Bluesfan really clear and appreciated. I answer to your last statement: you are always very clear and helpful