Turntable setup obsession and vertere

Before asking I tried but I m living in Egypt and I was not able to download and I was wishing about a link in the forum. I m working in IT from 20 years and I m f as miliar to google. I didn’t answer to the previous comments on google usage because I didn’t want to spend useless time in polemics. @Yeti you be been really kind, thanks a lot


It helps and it is super clear. My issue with lp12 is that I change frequently the place in which I live and anytime after the shipment the setup is not that easy and in Africa none is familiar with a vinyl, a turntable or a linn and this is why I was thinking to a rega, but I assume that vertere is another league deck and I want to understand what is the setup effort to let it shine


Understood. The Vertere turntable itself is as easy to set up as a Rega deck.

However, the tonearm is not. Fortunately, there’s no dark art or black magic involved. You just need to make sure that either Vertere, who are really helpful & keen to help, or the dealer who sells you a Vertere deck, shows you how to fine tune the tonearm set-up. Once they have shown you how to do it, you will be fine.

As for the quality of the turntable, the Rega P10 is very good indeed and better in my view than an equivalently priced new LP12.

The Xerxes 20+ beat an equivalently priced LP12 when I made the comparison. I sold my LP12 to buy the Xerxes.

The Vertere MG-1, especially with the Tempo motor drive, is a very serious music maker. We traded in our Xerxes for the MG-1 and the MG-1 has improved significantly since then with the arrival of the Tempo motor control.

I hope this helps rather than confuses.

Best regards, BF


Thanks @Bluesfan really clear and appreciated. I answer to your last statement: you are always very clear and helpful

A curiosity came to my mind: is the tempo motor drive to much for the mg1 or is a perfect partner…the question is because of tempo price tag

It’s a difficult quest to answer objectively.

For us, the Tempo brought a similar scale of improvement to the MG-1 as a Radikal does to a Linn LP12. That makes it very attractive for us! It is certainly not too good for the MG-1.

I recently made the mistake of hearing what the Imperium motor controller does for the MG-1 and I just can’t get it out of my head. Uh oh…:scream:. @Polarbear was sitting next to me at the time and was a great comfort (not!) :joy: He did go a bit pale when we heard the Vertere SG-1 turntable with the Imperium motor drive though. Clock’s ticking on his lovely TMS :rofl:
We both limped off home, nursing our wallets.

Best regards, BF


:wink: :joy:

Not sure what’s funny about my post? Is it the almost any budget bit?

Last year, a friend and I compared MG-1 with Benz Wood, Tempo and some seriously expensive internal wiring to my old LP12 (Kore, Ekos, Lingo, tatty old Krystal) using the dealer’s Chord Pre-power and B&Ws.

My conclusion was that different (i.e. even more expensive) ancillaries would make the Vertere a serious alternative: as presented, it was probably fractionally ahead for bass power/ drama and for stereo image, but a good deal worse in other areas. The cost difference was a bit shocking too, such that we both thought the Brinkmann Bardo and a Stiletto (with Keel and Radikal) more realistic upgrades from the original LP12.

As for set-up, my LP12 was fiddled with a lot in 2022, but would happily go for years without attention before then. So do excellent TTs from Rega, Roksan, Technics and indeed Vertere. Thus, I’d agree with others here - change the LP12 if you want, but a constant wish to fiddle may not be caused by the Linn or cured by its departure.



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In fact better if it’s not fiddled with - with the LP12 that is :grinning:

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@piebia I’ve reread this thread again and I’m not certain that your perceived ‘problem’ has been identified. Perhaps if you tell us exactly what’s troubling you about your LP-12, we can provide some more specific, and perforce more helpful, advice?

On the other hand, if you’re just itching for a change, let the enablement go on….

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I wrote some days ago that because of my job I keep moving changing city. Now I m temporary in al Cairo and next year I don’t know where I will be. After any movement the lp12 needs a resetup, this is normal because of the type of movement. I m not that good in setting it up and I m not able to find someone able to setup an lp12 il al Cairo now or where I will be in the future

In that case, Rega, Clearaudio, Technics and Vertere may all suit and a suspended deck may not.

As someone serious considering packing an LP12 into a Linn box and shipping it to Tasmania, I am very interested in the right answer here.

For now, I hope and suspect that Youtube videos and the notes on the Cymbiosis website would between them tell almost any of us what we need to know to sort out LP12 set-up.

Got it. Perhaps I was confused by the word ‘obsession’ in your thread caption, not to mention your original post which poses a somewhat different question, as apparently were several of us. Just about anything without soft springs will cure your ease of set up problem.

We were indeed BF and we both felt your pain :joy::joy:


Only if improperly packed. I’ve shipped my LP12 as well as a couple others across the Atlantic in containers, over the road with movers, and by plane with carriers and never had one go out of tune from that.


Cymbiosis have a very detailed document for packing and transportation of a LP12.

Search for: “Packing your Linn Sondek LP12 for transportation in your car”

Taking it further, you could then put the LP12 box in a packing crate or Plano type case for further protection.



@ricsimas and @DiggyGun - many thanks. I knew it was there somewhere!

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You re really lucky, I really wish a listening session with touraj