Turntable shelf question

Hello all,
I am about to buy a wall mount shelf for my TT from audio suspension. It looks nice and has good reviews so all good so far.

My question is, on their website they have an additional shelf you can buy to put your PS/phono stage on. Is this a good idea ? I thought the whole point of a wall mount was to isolate the TT ?

My deck sits on Fraim, stageline and Lingo 4 on separate shelf ideally only turntable on shelf, I would also look at Tiger Paw Vulkan


Def check out the Vulcan- excellent shelf!

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Another vote for the excellent and well priced vulcan shelf . Wouldn’t be without mine…

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I love my Solidsteel WS-5 with a 3" maple block platform. I keep my phonostage on a Fraim shelf with the 282.


:small_blue_diamond: Biddler66,…Best wall-shelves in this order…

  1. Mana Acoustic Wall-shelf.
  2. AudioTech Wall-shelf.
  3. Tiger Paw Vulkan Wall-shelf.

Mana Acoustic and AudioTech wall-shelf are no longer manufactured,so they’ll you have to look for at the second hand market.
But if you will find them,… Buy Directly,especially Mana Acoustic,it is in a class for itself.
:black_small_square:Picture of a Mana Acoustic wall-shelf.

Tiger Paw Vulkan is a replica of the legendary AudioTech,so it is also a very,very good buy.
But as I said,…Try to find a Mana Acoustic wall-shelf.

Quadraspire and other wall-shelf will be listed under these three.

Good luck…

Thank you all. As usual very helpful and sounds like not the the best to mount the PowSup/PhoSta under a wall mount, I was actually correct (for a change). Internet searching begins !

I’m curious about the maple block under your turntable. My understanding of turntable supports is that they should generally have high rigidity, but low mass. With a big chunk of wood like that, maybe there is a different approach?

It depends a lot on the turntable (for example suspended vs not, etc) and environment.

The wall rack came with a 3/4" MDF board. I have a rather springy old brick house, and I had isolation issues with my setup. The maple block is higher mass but rigid (it is an end-grain cut). In addition to that I replaced the spiked feet of the turntable (a Clearaudio Ovation) with isolation pucks from HRS (similar to the ones from isoAcoustics shown in my picture). The Solidsteel wall bracket is not very low mass either, compared to others like the older Target or the one Rega recommends. It’s rather heavy, but extremely rigid. YMMV.

In the old days I had a LP12 on a Target wall bracket with a MDF shelf sitting on spikes. That worked fine for that application.

I am still using a Decent Audio HDW that Peter (Cymbiosis) recommended a while ago on the old forum but I must admit that reading this thread has got me itching to try out the Vulkan.

:small_blue_diamond: Tony,…If you not first on the second hand market,…find a Mana Acoustic wall-shelf.


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Thanks, my experiences were based mostly on LP12s, but clearly not all turntables have the same support requirements.

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