Turntable to Muso connection question

Am possibly revamping my current audio set up completely if we move house. I have a turntable (LP12) which is currently part of a complete Linn (80’s vintage) system that may have to go. I already have a little Behringer U-Phono UFO202 phono preamp that I have been using to digitise some of my vinyl.

Am I right in thinking (sound quality issues aside) that I could use the Behringer to connect the LP12 to one of my Musos (Cube gen 1 and Muso 2nd gen) temporarily?

The Behringer is normally powered via the USB cable into the PC but I think I can use a 5 amp mobile phone charging plug to power it from the mains.

I know I could just try all this but it means moving a lot of stuff around the house and the knowledge available on the forum might mean it is not worth the effort!

Any views appreciated.

Yes, connect l&r rca outputs to muso with a twin rca phono → 3.5mm stereo Jack plug interconnect.

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