Turntable to Phono stage connection

Not so long ago I upgraded my turntable to a Thorens TD 1600 and could not be more pleased with my choice. I know this has been said before but I want to listen to my complete collection again, I’m so pleased what the Thorens sounds like can’t believe more people don’t own one.
I’m using my old Pro-Ject Connect it CC cable in between the Thorens and Music Fidelity MX Vinyl phono stage, and a Chord Anthem 2 from stage to amp. My question is would a upgrade of the Connect it CC cable be worth while and is the option of a balanced cable which can be used with this TT and stage possibly a better choice.

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I would say a balanced cable should bring better results.
But to fully exploit it you really want the balanced content to continue to amplifier, and that also needs to be a true balanced unit.

As an impoverished student, I took on holiday jobs to save up for a hI fi system, and bought a Thorens TD160S (with a Mission 774 tonearm) before I started gainful employment and could afford to buy the Linn LP12, which I still have (although most of it has been changed some 40 years later).

But I still have a great fondness for the Thorens that got me started. It seems from your photo that the TD160 has been pretty substantially upgraded in all that time too - mine didn’t have all those ‘bits’ at the back. And is that a Thorens tonearm in the photo, or is that from an independent supplier?

The Thorens TD 1600 is really a redesigned turntable, for a start the sub platter doesn’t hang from three springs but sits on them. The tone arm is a Thorens TP92, comes with the TT. Without starting a war, from what I’ve read it is a match for a LP12 for slightly less money. Not many making this type of turntable now days.
As for the balanced output I can’t continue to my amp as it doesn’t have balanced connections, and it looks like finding a cable to fit will be a big ask.

Like any cable, there are numerous options available.

Starting from very cheap to ultra expensive, what sort of budget do you have in mind?

A quick search found your current one, loads of cheap ones on Amazon and AudioQuest alone, for example have four versions.

I don’t know where you’re located, but have a chat with a dealer and demo some, alternately, try on-line with a supplier that offers free returns.


My Chord Anthem’s which sit between my phono stage-amp and CDP-amp were about £350 when new but pro-ject cable is below £100 so maybe a choke point as such, plus it is carrying a more sensitive signal from the cartridge. Don’t get me wrong it all sounds great but just thought there maybe a small improvement to be had.

Unless you’re going to upgrade the phono stage, I don’t know that a more expensive cable is going to improve things much. What cartridge do you have?

Audio Technica VM750SH which I really like. In the future may move to a MC which could require a better cable.

Your present cable should be fine for the AT MM cartridge - just experiment with the lower input capacitances (50-100pF) on your phono stage. It should also be fine for any moderately priced low output MC cartridge.

We have played about with the capacitances and are pleased with the results, just thought there maybe a tiny upgrade to be had. Most of the moderately priced MC don’t seem to offer anything over what I have, even boring. There are a lot of good MM cart’s around now, I expect that’s why a lot of the cheaper MC’s have gone now. I see you use a Stageline, had one with my Naim 202/200 years ago but couldn’t make adjustments or have they changed them now.

I use a Stageline K with a Lyra MC cartridge. It’s a pretty good match, specs-wise. The Stageline N for MM cartridges in not the best match for most brands because of its high capacitance. There are no adjustments on the Stagelines.

I think I used a Stageline E with a high output MC but it wasn’t the N. The Musical Fidelity Phono amp I’m using at the moment has adjustments for MM and MC.

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