Though my own Sondek ownership is now part of ancient history on a par with using “the telephone”, visiting “the bank” and even in a lot of cases going to “a shop”, in these days of vinyl resurgence if I was to own a deck again, it would certainly be a top-flight Brit one like the Linn or a Rega.

I’ve noticed that there is the occasional enthusiastic post in support of “Technics” decks which back in the day, would have automatically been dismissed as the sort of non-cognoscenti cheap option for the unenlightened, so my questions to the Technics enthusiasts are - what is it about the deck that you like and have you compared it to the Brit competition?

Does it do the same things better, or just preferably different? :thinking:

Since 2016 resumed production of the 1210, there are now a confusing amount of models with various pricing.
Some twenty or so years ago there was a trend in modding up the stock deck, with fitting of much more capable tonearms, separated power supplies, adding more mass to the platter and what have you.
This brought some interest to audiophiles.

Mike, there’s a very interesting video on Hi-Fi Riff’s YouTube channel by Mike Evans and David Price discussing the very issue of the often dismissed and underrated Technics range. I have to admit to being guilty of such a sin, but when I do eventually upgrade I’ll be comparing the Rega P10 with the Technics. Makes for an eye opening watch, esp Mike’s reaction to the big T.

I heard a Technics 1200G some years back (or is it 1210, the one with the bulge in the lid over the arm pivot anyway) with an SME V and an Ortofon Anna and wasn’t all that taken with it but that’s been my reaction every time I heard a deck with an SME V, even on a 30, so it’s a bit hard to gauge the deck, or the cartridge for that matter. Its owner seemed to like it after owning a Linn for some years but not enough because he was trading it in on a Well Tempered Versalex.

My son has just upgraded from Rega to Technics and he is very impressed with the change. In the new year I hope to change my Linn Axis and Technics definitely on the short list.

What was he impressed with?

There’s a comparison of the Technics SL1200GR vs Rega on Darko. He prefers the Technics overall but the Rega has the edge on sonic performance

He told me it was more fun to use, that it’s build inspired confidence and it just seemed less fussy and quicker to use than the rega.
It’s difficult to compare sq of turntables because they often have different combinations of arm and cartridge but he said it sounded much better.

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