TV + YouTube + Atom

So, I currently have a Samsung TV wall mounted in the same room as my Atom, but not that close to it. It has a Sonos Beam mounted on the bracket with it. It’s a reasonably large room (around 60m2). We often find ourselves watching live music on YouTube in the evenings, with a glass of something, on that TV. I’d like to have a bit more grunt than that Beam though.

I like to use Chromecast on my iPad to the TV, as I can browse the next YouTube song, while the current song is playing.

So scenarios:

  1. Is there a way of throwing the audio from the TV to the Atom wirelessly, while Chromecasting from the iPad ?

  2. Add an Apple TV, and run YouTube from that, Airplaying the audio to the Atom. Downside, is that I lose the Chromecasting functionality of browsing music in the background (unless I’m missing something ?).

  3. Upgrade from a Beam to an Arc ? Is the sound meaningfully better ?

  4. What other options am I missing ?

I can’t sensibly run a cable from the TV to the Atom … I missed that opportunity earlier this year when I had the ceiling down (Doh !).

You could add a Bluetooth audio sender to the TV and send the audio to the Atom or via a compatible receiver, such as the Avantree TC417 Bluetooth Transmitter Receiver. Then Video and audio would go to the TV via Chromecast and the audio via the sender to the Atom.

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Many Samsung TVs already support Bluetooth speakers, so you can just pair it with the Atom. Latency may be an issue causing lip sync problems.

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