Tweeter test - help wanted

On the album ‘Shades Of Blue’ by The Don Rendell & Ian Carr Quintet there’s a great little track called ‘Blue Doom’.

Whenever I hear the track it begins with what I think is Don Rendel’s sax (?) playing with sweet and clear SQ up to around 50 seconds.

Then what I think is Ian Carr comes in on trumpet (?) in the right channel playing brilliantly and fast.

But the sound of this latter instrument is always a bit distorted whether I listen to this through my nasty Bose headphones, or on my main hifi, or on 4 other sets of speakers elsewhere.

Can anyone please give this tune a spin and let me know - is this just me or is the recording of that particular instrument on Blue Doom from 50 seconds onwards a bit warbled?


Sounds great to me - it’s an old favourite track I sometimes play for the Naim for Bentley system. I think it was maybe recorded a trifle “hot”, and let’s not forget this was the mid 60’s, so the tape can exacerbate the issue, and it might grate a little on the wrong kit, but should otherwise sound very alive.

Thanks Richard.
I too really like this track - so much energy and speed and life in it.
It may have been you I got this track from on an old reference tracks thread, perhaps.

But I’ve heard this little ‘hot’ warble on various speakers and systems after 50 secs on the right channel.
Will be interesting to see whether anyone else hears this.

Or do I have to change my tweeters??
[Richard, if I do order a pair of 15 year old tweeters from the factory, would they test them before sending them out or just post them to the dealer?]

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Hi Jim,

Not a track I have heard before but thanks for the tip, really enjoyed it.

I’m not an expert but I dont think it’s a recording issue. Sounds like a muted trumpet to me. The rest of the recording is pretty good so I suspect it’s supposed to be that way.

Just my thoughts.

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Thanks Rich - helpful feedback.
It could well just be that it was muted.

However it is recorded I loved it and will definitely be exploring the rest of the album!

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Jim, it’s most definitely a muted trumpet, and sounds just the way it’s meant to! Relax and enjoy.

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I thought it had to be in the recording as I’ve heard it on various systems…

I’ve just had a listen and at 0.50 it’s a muted trumpet. If you’ve heard it in various systems it’s almost certainly in the recording and not an issue with your tweeters.

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Just played the ripped CD version on my 500 system into Kudos 808s and confirm that this is the sound of a muted trumpet very close mic’d so nothing wrong with your speaker.

You could press the mono button and then you should here the same effect from both tweeters.

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Thanks all - good of you to confirm that.
yes, some combination of muted, and being too close to a sixties mic explains it.

Sorry folks it’s not that I cannot spell but just that my iPad thinks it can spell better than me and corrected ‘hear’ incorrectly!

Here here!

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I found a Tweeter Test track on Tidal this morning - lots of variants of high notes.
My tweeters seem absolutely fine.

A trumpeter has since told me that it’s a Harmon mute with the stem in.
He also said that Miles tended to use a Harmon with the stem removed.

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