Twittering machine Naim NC review

Here a review of 332/300/250. The streaming dac is Mola Mola Tambaqui.


He found the Naim 332/300/250 not so good at low volume, vs other brands he tried.
But overall a positive review, as always.

Interesting and unusual speaker pairing. Seems to work well though :+1:

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I am a bit perplexed on that, because Devore are high efficiency speakers. Normally not the best match I would think. But I haven’t tried.

He’s had the Devore a while now and swears by them whereas I found them unexpectedly lacking in timbral accuracy. Would make them a good match for earlier Naim arguably but perhaps not the current stuff.

I like him but he’s very odd as his reviews are about whether the kit lets him feel the music. The downside of that is that if the kit emphasises something good or new about music he knows then it largely gets a thumbs up without real reference to what the kit isn’t doing.

I was able to get this first hand with the Enleum AMP 23-R which I auditioned in two very different systems. He talked about lots of great stuff, much of which I didn’t hear at all, but, in emphasising all that, he completely missed that music doesn’t flow at all with it. Technically brilliant but wholly unengaging.

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I’m constantly surprised how experienced reviewers are doing things - seems that everything was put into AQ conditioner with AQ power cables. Is there a better way to not hear how Naim sounds? Probably not.

I find, on the contrary, that it’s a good thing to review Naim kit with non Naim stuff, because Naim himself wants to be more open than before.
It shows that Naim can work very well with other sources and no Naim cables. It gives confidence for new purchasers who want just to have a new pre or new amp for example.

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I do not put much stock in Lavorgna’s reviews.

Today it’s difficult to trust the reviews, generally.