Two Mu-sos as a Stereo Pair?

I have a Mu-so and two Mu-so Qbs which sound great in my smaller space imho, however I can’t help but think that the ability to use the two Qbs as a stereo pair would represent a significant improvement if it was somehow possible. I feel like mixing down the stereo signal to mono in the first place is one shortcoming that could be overcome with such an upgrade.
I have noticed that this ability is standard in most smaller portable bluetooth devices currently available from the likes of Bose and JBL.

Just clarify, the Mu-Sos are stereo so no mixing down too mono takes place. Even the Qb is stereo as you can see here with separate mid and HF drivers for each channel slightly angled.

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When we were down at HQ, the-then MD Trevor showed me a pic-on his phone of 2 muso QB he was using in i guess an experiment at home?

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Actually if you ease the grill off your Qb you will see there are two dome tweeters, two mid-range drivers and a single woofer supported by two passive radiators - so nothing is mixed down to mono. So you are listening in stereo, it’s just that the speakers are very close together. We don’t know how Focal/Naim will develop the MuSo line and they don’t talk about future plans.

We aren’t allowed to discuss DIY here, but perhaps it would be ok to point out that if you put something absorbent in front of the left facing speakers on one Qb and the same in front of the right facing speakers on the other, positioned them appropriately in the room and ran them in multiroom mode, then you would have something that might give a pretty good impression of stereo.

Thanks, yes I see now, of course they’re stereo as primarily a stand-alone speaker and really quite an amazing and under-rated piece of kit. I use the big Mu-so flanked by 2 Mu-so QBs which sounds very good indeed, I was just thinking if it was somehow possible to have separate channels playing from each Qb with the Mu-so as a centre channel It might be even better, however I can now see the difficulties in achieving this.

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What you really need, of course, is an Atom and a pair of speakers :smiley:


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