Two Spendor DC1 center as left and right

I need some feedback on the idea of the setup for my bedroom.
I’m thinking of upgrading the Spendor 3/1 by using two DC1 speakers, placed vertically. The main reason behind this idea is that the DC1 has a sealed cabinet and is of an appropriate height, around two feet. I want to maintain the Spendor’s vocal quality and hope that the DC1 will perform better for concert recordings. I mostly listen to jazz and contemporary classical music, at low volume.
Please, share your thoughts.

The rest of the system is the nd5xs2 and moonriver 404 reference amplifier.

There’s no right way to do these things. Sounds like it’s worth trying for your context.

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Not something I’ve tried myself, but there have been various mentions here over the years of people successfully using Naim centre channel speakers (N-Cent, Axess) in stereo pairs, so I can’t see why it wouldn’t work with DC1s if you happen to have two of them.

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Centre channel is primarily used for dialogue, so centre speakers tend to be rather forward in the mid & lower HF to assist with clarity of speech. Theoretically speaking, this should certainly preserve or even enhance the vocal clarity over the 3/1; however, it may be compromised in other ways.

We have no personal experience of the DC1 or 3/1, but do use a pair of modified SP2s with the crossover capacitors replaced with Mundorf Supreme and the new Scanspeak tweeters replacing the old ones (after 30 years!).

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