Two Subs - Good idea or overkill?

I’ve had my first subwoofer (KEF KC62) up and running for three days now and it’s quite a substantial improvement to my sound.
Would adding another be a good idea or overkill?

My main speakers are ProAc D2R, Nova as pre and 250.2 as power amp.
Room is small, 4.5m x 3.2m.

I’ve got 2 REL T9i’s. I would not want to be without the pair. I have them next to each speaker in the room (5m x 7m) corners and connected at the speaker bindings. As you say, a more involving experience.

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Are you using it for movies or just music?
Even if two subs are technically better I would avoid a second one as you will have a hard time setting it up without measuring equipment.

One vote for, one against, then.

I’m using it entirely for music, at the moment. Visuals may come into play later on, but not imminently.

I’m still tinkering with where my one sub is best situated, but, as stated above, it’s transformed my listening pleasure. Can’t believe I’ve not been down this road sooner.

I was under the misapprehension that a sub was primarily for films and secondly it would be to address a lack of bass and low end sound.

Of course, the KEF has redefined the low end sound but has also, to my surprise, completely opened out the rest of the sound dynamics and just given everything a significant lift.

I forgot to mention, I use my subs for music only and did not have any problems setting them up.

I’ve never understood why anyone would partner a sub with Naim 2 channel kit. Let alone two.

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Low frequencies are less directional than high so I would have thought that 1 would be enough.They don’t need to be near speakers and can be tucked away somewhere

I used to run two REL T7s. Two subs can sound amazing but be prepared to tinker endlessly.

I suppose it depends, I don’t touch mine after the first week or so. 2 subs are perfect for me.

Good to know, thanks.

My KEF sub is sounding great without too much faffing about, though needless to say that won’t stop me moving it around every so often to check whether it could sound a smidgeon or more better elsewhere in the room!

Well an n-sub added to n Sat’s in my ‘office’ system sounded fantastic. The sub added a very subtle heft that was a bonus with those smaller speakers. Not wanted one since I sold them admittedly.

I am struggling to imagine needing two in a system for music only, unless the room is huge or maybe acoustically difficult.

If you have only had one for three days I would let it all settle down and enjoy what you have


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Well I hadn’t considered bookshelf speakers in my response. My comment is directed toward the full range floor standing 2 ch arrangements.

It’s all about the good, good, vibrations.

Because you haven’t heard the difference it can make, even with floorstanders. I have had very substantial floor standers with my 2 REL and I enjoyed actually getting 18-30Hz that I hadn’t had before.

I’ve heard rel with a number of naim setups. Like I said, I don’t get it and that’s okay.

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I added an n-Sub to my NBL set-up with a significant uplift sound quality. Several years later I added a second n-Sub which made a bigger positive impact than the first. I have to agree with REL that two are better than one. Placement actually becomes easier. I have now bought a third sub (Wilson Benesch Torus) but haven’t installed it yet.


I’ve only ever owned a single sub (a Naim N-Sub) but on the rare occasions I’ve heard a system with two, they have sounded really good, so I suspect it is worthwhile.
I suspect two subs are much better at evening out bass nodes you inevitably get in any room. Low bass being not really directional I assume that would be a bigger benefit than any channel separation affecting the stereo image.

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I have no experience of subs for hifi, so can only guess. And my guess is that a single sub IF very appropriately placed, with suitably limited frequency range, could be all that is needed, but in practical terms it is probably easier to get right with a pair.

Speaking from first-hand experience- if you like what one sub does for your stereo system, then you’ll be delighted with what two can do.

REL’s website has some useful content on the benefits on 2 v 1 for audio use.


I have also firmly decided to add the KEF KC62 to my system. I am just waiting that it will be availabe again here in Germany. Your room is small. The only reason to add a second sub would be for bass evenness or to cancel some room modes. I would try to avoid it at all cost as you seem to be happy with the result already.