Two systems/speakers in one room

How many fellow Naim users have more than one full/partial system in one room?

Reason for asking is that I’m confused longer-term over my front room. It’s about 4.8m x 4.4m with a large bay window opposite the fireplace (on the longer wall). One of the other walls is a plain white wall that I use for my projector. System is currently Harbeth P3ESRs and SuperUniti and speakers are along this wall.

But, now that I’ve set the room out a bit, for non-movie listening the speakers work a lot better either side of the fireplace. And during the daytime I prefer sitting beside the bay window.

So I’m considering wall mounting my System Audio Aura 1’s in the correct position for the screen, and the P3ESRs for music listening. Was just wondering if any other forum-ites have two systems (or partial systems) in one room, and what problem you were trying to solve by having both?

I use a full Naim system + full Yamaha Aventage surround syststem in the same room.
The easiest would is to intrgrate both, so they use the same speakers and Naim for front L and front R duties.

Here is what I ended up with


I used to have a full surround system integrating a separate AV amp for surroud channels. I then moved to an AV2 feeding my 252 and supported by a NAP145 for the centre channel and a NAP200 for the rears. Then one day I had a declutter and went back to front channels only and to be honest have appreciated fewer boxes over surround effects. But that’s just me I suppose.
I was also put off by new decoding systems coming out every five minutes with potentially more speakers in the listening room to take advantage.

I always remember the old Linn mantra of only having one pair of speakers in the listening room - although I do have a Sonos sound bar under the TV!


That’s a beautiful looking system Adam! And in reply to both of you I’m trying to keep things simple, I.e. fewer boxes. Had a full Yamaha / Mission surround system some years ago and I realized when moving house that I never really made any use of the rears.

My problem is that the “listening” chair is not the same as the “watching” chair. So I’m probably going to be dealing with two sets of speakers, or speakers plus a sound bar.

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Yeah I have 2 systems in the room. AV and Stereo systems share nothing in common.

It looks a bit odd because my stereo system is positioned for my listening position but the AV one is positioned to benefit the whole room. The result is that both sets of speakers are along the same wall but asymmetrical. Left AV speaker to the right of left stereo speaker and right AV speaker also to the right of right stereo speaker.

Because cones move in sympathy with moving air, to reduce impact on sound from other speakers in the room, the speakers not currently in use should still be connected to a powered on amp. This is why Linn originally mandated single speaker dem rooms.

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