Two Turntables

Hello everyone - I am currently using a RP10 with SuperLine & SuperCap into a 252/300. I do also have a WTL Amadeus and a StageLine sitting idle in the cellar.
I assume it is possible to have two TTs into the 252 but how would I connect them. I don’t have an external PS for the StageLine so can I power it from the 252 aux 2 in & pwr and then connect the SuperLine/SuperCap into aux 1 in/out socket?
Thanks as ever!

Yes, you could use the AUX2 powered input for the Stageline while having the Superline + Supercap connected into one of the other regular line inputs. The power feed to the 252 AUX2 is via dedicated windings and regs so any effect on overall pre-amp performance should be minimal.

Perfect - thanks for the quick reply!

Oh one more question at the risk of sounding ignorant … I have a 5 din snaic will that work or do I need a standard interconnect?

If it’s to connect the Stageline to the AUX2 then a SNAIC5 is exactly what you want - be sure to get the direction marker the right way around, closest to signal source.

It is indeed - perfect! Now I have all I need for a TT build and set up Sunday project :grin:
Thanks again

@Richard.Dane Thinking of having two turntables connected myself…does it actually matter which inputs you use on the 282 for turntable/phone stages (both phono stages non-Naim)?


Any of the line level inputs should be fine. Some reckon the INs may sound slightly better than the IN/OUTs, but you may be hard pressed to tell any difference. Make sure your input sockets assignment on the NAC282 is properly set for whichever inputs you end up using.

Thx Richard

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