Udine Qobuz app on TV?

I have a naim nd5 xs2. If I use the focal/Naim app to stream Qobuz files to the nd5 or if I use the qobuz app on my Samsung tv to stream to the nd5 via optical cable, are there differences in signal quality?

Focal naim app to stream too the ND5XS2?

You mean use the ND5XS2 to stream from the internet or maybe play local files? The app doesn’t actually handle any audio, its just the remote control!

I would wager streaming directly from the internet rather than taking a digital signal from the TV will be better. Much less processing and conversion. Assuming the Naim hardware is superior to the TVs hardware, for audio at least!

Also you could check if the app on the TV can actually handle hi res files, it may lower the resolution due to its own limitations.

Of course the ultimate test is to try both and see which sounds better to you

Thanks for responding. Yes I mean using the naim app for controlling the stream directly from the internet. I found that the Qobuz app in the TV has as its highest resolution 44.1 kHz and 16 bit.

I don’t trust my ability to A/B test. There is a volume difference between the too so that messes it up for me.

I guess I’m just curious about it theoretically. Even if the direct stream using the focal/naim app is better and capable of higher resolution, isn’t the tv app/ toslink also comparatively a pretty good signal chain?

Do you mean that when I’m using the naim app the flac file is streamed as it is, while if it goes thru the tv it is first remade into pcm or something like that before it’s sent to the nd5?

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So definitely dont use your TV to stream Quobuz if its limited to 16bit, the difference between 16 bit 44khz and 24 bit 96 khz for example is stark, at least on my system!

As for toslink there are loads of threads on this forum about the relative merits of the different connections, and they invariably get quite techi.

If you really want to know more Hans Beekhuyzen has some fantastic explanations on his you tube channel.

I personally use the coax out from my ND5XS2 to a separate DAC which performs very well, i seem to remember i was advised not yo use optical but cant remember why.

I see. Thanks for helping me straighten this out. I was tempted to use it as it was nice to be able to have the interface on the tv screen and control it via the tv remote. But I felt the sound was flatter and duller but didn’t know if it was just in my head. May use it as a party thing so I don’t have to have people use the naim app :grin:

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If its the quobuz app you could have it on your mobile and cast to the ND5XS2. I do this as i like ‘my weekly Q’ and you cant get to it from the naim app.

Some think this degrades the quality, i personally haven’t noticed and its still in the native resolution. Mind you some on this forum have systems that cost more than my house so i would hope they can tell the difference :grin:. And if they cant i would forgive them for saying they can​:wink:

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