UI for local library on Uniti Atom HE?

Hi everyone,

I am considering buying a Naim Uniti Atom (headphone edition) for an all-in-one solution. I have tested the Atom at the store, however they only have Tidal or Roon.

I’d like to use it to access my own library which is stored on a headless Ubuntu NAS, but would like to see how the UI experience is. Can anyone direct me to a video or images outlining the experience?

For reference, my library is primarily FLAC (unless not available). I’m currently running everything through Plex, however I’ve read people suggesting Asset UPnP in the forum. Is that still the case? (Most threads I found were much older).

Thank you

Plex is not the best musical app. If you use a computer i suggest you go with Audirvana. For me the best way to use my Uniti HE is direct 2To SSD connect to the back usb of HE. All flac and dsd files, using the Naim app with my ipad. Perfect!

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I use asset upnp wit my atom since years. It works perfectly, is easy to setup and painless. You can download a 30 day trial version and try it. I can assure you that the integration eith the naim app is perfect.

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Thanks, Rickysixx8

Yeah, I’m only using Plex at the moment for a matter of convenience (I use it for my movie collection and haven’t needed anything else up until now). I can very easily install an alternative.

What is Nirvana? I can’t find a music server or anything similar when googling it. I’m happy to go with Asset UPnP, or any other suggestion.

Is there anywhere I can see the interface of the Naim App while browsing a local collection? Does it look the same regardless of directly attached storage or network attached storage?


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My bad, i meant Audirvana :man_shrugging:t2: sorry. I will make some Naim app pics and send it later.

Small example. I chose the dark interface. You can have your albums listed the way you configure it.

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Asset is still a good option. Minimserver is also decent, and it’s preferred by some for its versatility, especially with Classical music.
A simple alternative is to put your music on a USB drive and connect that directly to the Atom. It has a UPnP server built in which allows you to browse metadata and artwork. It’s a bit basic compared to the alternatives which may or may not bother you.


That looks great! Thanks or the pics!
I wasn’t sure if it would look more like the Onkyo app, where I am browsing directories like I’m using Windows Explorer.


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I’ll keep that in mind. I already have a NAS setup though, and happy accessing music from it on different devices around the house. So long as the display doesn’t light up, I guess I could attach it to the Atom instead.


If you enable the UPnP server that runs on the Atom you can use it to access your music on other devices as long as they are UPnP enabled streaming clients.
If you have a backup copy of your music on a USB drive you can easily try it. If you prefer a more versatile and full featured music server you may prefer to stick with running one on your NAS.

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