UK Hifi show: back 👍

A stylish and contemporary retreat, in the heart of the Northamptonshire countryside, is set to be turned into an audio enthusiasts’ mecca for one weekend next month. The transformation at the De Vere Staverton Estate, near Daventry, will see over 160 of the world’s best hi-fi brands exhibiting. And, best of all for enthusiasts intending to visit the organisers have decided not to charge for entrance on both days of the show, Saturday 9th and Sunday 10th October.


And it will be free too!
But probably you will need a vaccine pass.

But I don’t see Naim audio listed

I can confirm it’s not in our plans.

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Looking at that, it’s hard to spot any major UK brand other than Audio Note, no Linn, Arcam, Rega, Naim , Spendor, B&W, PMC , Harbeth etc

No Audio T, no Sevenoaks, no Richer Sounds .

Personally I would avoid any show like that, well like the plague

About 2 minutes away, so best I go then

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Not ready?

I see:
Chord electronics
Townsend audio
Lumen White
Icon Audio


But Naim will be at the Bristol Audio show in February

It’s not a show we’ve been involved in for some years.

We are supporting UK dealers with smaller events, and hope COVID situation will improve for larger events to be back on calendar soon.

And yes, we’re booked in for Bristol Show 2022 plus are actively involved with several international shows - where appropriate to do so.

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Let’s hope that this is the place where the often requested, frequently hinted but never delivered 272 replacement is launched!

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If you’ve been keeping up with all the many threads re component shortages/waiting times, I’m sure you’ll understand we’re concentrating on delivering the many orders we have for existing products right now…

I will more be present at Paris audio video show in 21/22 October. Naim is announced.
Hope the Solstice will be there.

Was meaning the Bristol 2022 show, not the October one.
Yes, I have been keeping up with all the threads which explain this, but they are also littered with hints that one is coming and have been since I joined the forum 20 months ago. Keeping my fingers crossed.

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Ascot Show, late October 2021 has been dropped. At the time of writing the 2022 is live.
Still racing at Ascot this year. You tell me?

There’s been speculation for a lot longer than that - but absolutely no indication that it is anything other than speculation. I get the impression it is mostly if not wholly fuelled by wishful thinking!

Thanks @Douglas, I’ve mailed the group of friends I was planning to visit Ascot with to tell them the news.

That’s possible, but statements like this from Charlie Henderson add fuel to the fire.

I’ve been asked for example about the 272 on many occasions, and while not confirming anything, at times like these I always remember the phrase ‘the best things in life take time, but are always worth the wait

Anyway, not looking to turn this into yet another 272 discussion. I’ll just look at what’s available if and when I am looking for a change.

Fair enough - that does seem to be a hint…