UK online stores to shop for good quality mens suits

Hey all,
So far i’ve been pretty busy enjoying my Ato/PM1s pairing while on vacations. :grin:
However, and as all good things must come to an end, i’ll resume work starting next Monday. Hence, I’m looking to pursue the renewal of my whole wardrobe, started months ago. And saving the most tricky steps 'till the end (at least for me) I gotta find good online shops to treat myself with some new suits, with very good quality cloths while remaining affordable for my wallets.

So far, my to-go UK shops to go have been TM Lewin and CTyrwhitt. I found their suits very good, very good cuts, good cloth while being affordable at the same time.
However, after checking on both websites, i find their respective current offerings pretty underwhelming, i didn’t find anything that really stand out. Same when i took a look at the dutch store Suit Supply (already bought some suits there and found it pretty good value) There are some nice suits on their but i’d like to compare with some other offerings before pulling the trigger.

So was just wondering, could the most dappers among you provide me with some links to good UK online shops. Im located in Paris, so those should offer shipping to France.

I absolutely love good quality cloths (tweed among other things) but unfortunately cannot afford genuine bespoke suits (at least not for the time being) and I’d prefer to wait before rushing to all those online shops proposing pseudo-bespoke suits that eventually appears like poorly cut suits with poor quality clothes. Yes, i’m demanding :grinning:, cause I know what i’d like and what i don’t want.

Hence, in the meantime, I just thought i’d ask on here if some among you could indicate good online stores, prefferably from the UK, but I’m absolutely opened to others. I’m focusing on English websites because those are the ones i used to shop from and found the service (shipping timeframe, information, quality of the suits) very very good; but that doesn’t mean there aren’t some other goods websites elsewhere to shop from.
the only UK store I have mixed feelings is Gibson London. Bought several tweed jackets from them. The clothes quality was stunning; however, very poorly executed, e.g. the lining stich of the jackets pockets are a real disaster (ripped on all the jackets i bought from their website, in just hours, and had to make them stiched again here by my tailor)

So please, could someone give a list of website specifically dedicated to mens suits?
Budget is 500 to 700 EUR including shipping fees, and I like midnight navy, black or charcoal.

So really not a fan at all of those skynny/ultra fitted cobalt-blue suits you can spot at every street corner nowadays. I’m not criticizing, to everyone their owns, just saying really not my thing, nor the color nor the catastrophic shape.

IMHO, a suit is best when it fits properly so I really would be looking to get one made to measure at that budget rather than buying it blind off the internet or worst case buying from a shop then getting it altered to fit properly.

hey Haydj,
I indeed thought the same, until I tried it. For this budget, i couldn’t find anything decent made to measure, that’s just not realistic, specially in France. 'cause they’ll just take your money and give you something that might well end up being even worse than a good quality suit bought off the rack. The worst about it though is that for 600 EUR you’d get poor quality cloth. I’d made some research in Paris and nearby, for something decent and nothing fancy, we’re talking 2 to 3K for an entry level wool cloth, including tailoring, stiching and finishing.
I also looked at all these online brands proposing half or fully made to measure suits. Most of the time, for something decent and that’ll last you several years (and in pure wool) you’re looking at something beyond what im willing to pay. So, no that’s a hard pass for me, at least at this price, i’d prefer something off the shelf

Then buy off the shelf, having determined what fits (by trying it on first) and get it altered if necessary. At least then you can be sure it fits on the shoulders.

My last MTM in holland and sherry worsted was “just” over your budget, but that was a little while ago and before covid. I think my tailor is still doing decent suits at similar money, but he is uk based so may not be practical for you. He isn’t based in London, measures up himself and gets them made in the Far East before shipping to the UK. I tend to buy sports jackets now rather than suits, all are MTM with some hand finishing.

What absolute nonsense. Actually some of the best clothes you can buy at any cost are ‘off the shelf’ and then slightly and invisibly altered to fit. Some of the finest materials in the world are offered by the most exclusive designers and are on that shelf.

This is unless you’re Elton John.


You miss interpret what i mean and i could have phrased that better, but my later post was clearer. What i was trying to say was buy off the peg and get it altered - thats better than buying blind of the internet.

I would appreciate you being a bit less harsh. Im only trying to help. Do read all my posts please.

You’ve just killed me, made me laugh to tears :rofl::rofl:

Many thanks to both for your help, really much appreciated.
Just relax, I don’t think anyone is being harsh. There’s no need indeed.

I can’t speak for suits as I’m very tall (6’4”/194cm) so my suits are made to measure, but for shirts (also difficult to source due to long arms/back) I use ProperCloth, who are NY based. The sizing procedure is relatively straightforward and - bonus - they will remake your first shirt for free if the size turns out wrong. They’ve loads of fantastic fabrics and the quality is extraordinary. I cannot recommend them highly enough.


I bought a nice Baumler suit from them a few years ago.

Marks and Spencers do great fitting and not too expensive suits,

If you are buying online you simply need to try - making sure returns are easy - unless you already know the specific brands that fit your shape if you are buying “off the peg” (and even then until you see & feel the fabric you won’t know what it’s like, so the easy returns are essential!

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