Ultrasonically Cleaned LPs

Would you pay a modest premium from a used record store for LP records which have been competently cleaned by an Ultradonic Record Cleaner?

Possibly! I think it might make me choose one vendor over another too. But as I’d probably clean it on arrival anyway it would have to be a very modest premium :slight_smile:

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Guess it depends what ‘modest’ is…

I’ve bought quite a few records described as so cleaned - still sounded better (in terms of pops and noise) after I’d cleaned em myself.

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I have an US cleaner so I would not of course, but I also think it’s hard to put a price on the service if you don’t have a US machine for yourself. It depends on the record whether you might get your money’s worth. Depending on the machine there is labor, equipment and consumables cost involved on the provider’s side.

I have some 5000 LPs and buy about 200 more/year, so investing in my own machine made all the sense in the world.


No, as I’d still need to clean them properly…

That said, in general record stores and hi-fi dealers that offer cleaning services standalone would charge for that, so I’d think that there would be a premium.

However, there is so much price variation among shops I think it would be difficult to tell how much you’ll pay if it’s just included in the price.

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FWIW: I recently bought a classical box set from a German Discogs seller that advertised cleaning the records as part of the sale. I asked them to refrain from cleaning the records and ship them as is (they claimed Mint- for condition). I’d rather do it myself, knowing it’s done to my personal meticulous standard of care.

Good point, especially when we buy online.

There is a service in Chicago which charges $5 per LP for a proper U S cleaning and new Mofi sleeve.
Many used records now cost $8 to $15.
Would increasing the price $2 or $3 per record be a deal killer?

It probably would for me, I own a humminguru US cleaning machine though. If I didn’t then I might consider it. I’d certainly try it once, maybe order two LPs, have one cleaned and the other not.

Sleeves are relatively cheap if bought in bulk too.

If you have more than 100 lps, I would more buy a Humminguru ultrasonic. Around 400 dollars.
I use it and enjoy, as many here.

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