Unable to access the Uniti Core folders

a few days after purchasing Uniti Core I have a lot of issue.
First al all, if I mount Uniti Core in Windows by typing his IP address this will bring up a list of drives that the Core has available to share, when I try to browse from there Uniti Core a black screen appears.
How can I solve it ?

It’s explained in the Naim on-line guidance and in the Hints and Tips for UnitiCore in the FAQ part of this forum. But put briefly, you have to look at the Core folders on your network using Windows Explorer and not using a browser.

Here’s the faq mentioned;

Yes of course I used windows explorer (i read support informations) , first screen I sent was windows explorer yet. I try using also in MacOs ‘finder’ same result: black screen.

I forgot to mention that I use Windows 11 (but I tried also with Windows 10 and MacOs) and Uniti Core is connected via network cable to the router. The connection is stable for another device (Nac-n 272) but for Uniti Core the same Naim app often loses connection. But this is another problem perhaps…

You can’t simply type in the Core’s ip address because if you do that you will just get a black screen. You have to look for it as a network resource. Two backward slashes, the ip address and a forward slash. But in network search not as if it were a web page.

These are my devices on the network, if I click on Uniti Core, without typing any address, I get the ‘wonderful’ black screen. If I click on NAC-N 272 I get a response.

Yes that is what happens if you click on the Core’s logo. That isn’t what you should be doing.

You have to enter the network address of the Core into the address box:

\\your core ipaddress/ and press return

In Windows 11, you should be able to open file explorer with the Windows Key and E.

Then if you scroll to the bottom of the left hand side of the screen, you should find Network there and if you click on that and scroll down you should see your Core which will have a name like UNITICORE523099. If you click on that, you will see the Downloads and Music folders. If you click on the Downloads folder, it will open. You can put files in this folder. You should not alter anything in the Music folder, but your rips will be in the MQ subfolder. It’s ok to copy those but not to delete or modify them.

You have to have network discovery turned on in the file explorer settings for this to work.

On my MacBook the Core has just always been there since it was connected - in the Finder window - in the list on the left, below the favourites and the iCloud link.

Yes that’s the same with my MacBook Pro.

I had never tried to do it with my windows 11 PC, but found out how to do it this morning so I could describe it for the OP. What I describe above works fine for me. I also checked on my old Windows 7 PC that I only keep as I like its simplicity. Access to the Core on that still works fine too. I think the OP is misunderstanding about networks and network explorer.

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Hi, now, after restarting router, all works well, many thanks for your patience e for your help. Very kind.
Now in explorer typing '\\<ip Core address ’ leads - wow - to

Now I’m ready for next step : how manage rip folder (Downloads vs Music), but I’ll open a new post.

I am not an expert here, that title goes to @davidhendon .

However, I have owned my Core for 5 years in May & it has been brilliant, no trouble at all.

As far as I can see, the advice I would give you is very simple, don’t touch the music folder & make sure all your downloads are copied into the downloads folder.

If you want to make minor changes to artists folders names etc. just do so from Windows 11. There are very few, if any occasions, I have needed to do this.

My Core & Nova were automatically recognised by both Windows 10 & 11 so it may be simply be that you & I configured our machines slightly differently.

Final piece of advice. Use the Core ‘as is’ for a while to get used to it. If you still feel the need to make changes after a while just do one at a time & take notes of what you have done so that it is easy to go back if it all goes wrong.

Otherwise, just enjoy it.

I’m glad you sorted that out.

There is nothing to manage with download versus rip folders. The Core always puts its on rips in Music/MQ and the only place you should put anything that isn’t a rip made by the Core is the Downloads folder. You will find the Music folder is locked, to stop you messing about with it.

In the downloads folder you can adopt any layout you like, but mostly people use an artist folder and then album sub-folders. But you could do anything else. If there isn’t artwork embedded, for example in FLAC files, then you can add album artwork by adding a file called folder.jpg alongside the music files. So each and every artwork file is called “folder.jpg”. The artwork has to be no larger than 1000x1000 pixels (it’s actually slightly higher than that but it’s easier to remember 1000x1000).

The Naim app indexes everything in the Music and Downloads folders and displays it all together.

Hope this helps.

+1 on managing your music (folder, artist, tag…) from your PC.

Thanks everyone for your advice. special thanks to @davidhendon

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