Unable to add premium internet radio station

Hi Folks -

I’ve been at this for some time now and on the forums, any thoughts why the vTuner premium added station won’t show up in my favorites?

The paid no-advertisement URL that I have works on my PC and mobile phone…just can’t get it to show up on my Atom using vTuner.

Please see below screenshots.

And does the Atom support FLAC over internet radio?

Any thoughts would be most appreciated…

Thank you!


Em -

Hi, the Atom does support FLAC from some stations. I’m not sure about stations with a paid subscription though.

When you say that something won’t show up in “favourites”, presumably you mean ‘added stations’? This is where you find stations that you have added yourself by logging into naim.vTuner.com.

It’s almost impossible to integrate ‘paid for’ items via a streamer. You would need some api system to valldate the account details. Naim devices don’t offer this level of integration.

I believe there was talk about the new platform making authentication to paid services simpler to maintain and implement for new services.

Have you fired off a question about this to Naim Support to clarify when if this item is on the feature roadmap?

I hit the same issue years back and to be honest shrugged it off and haven’t listened to that station since. My other non Naim streamers aren’t any better.

Thank you all for your timely helpful thoughts…much appreciated!!

The “paid-for” internet radio station is The Jazz Groove. When you donate money to them, they provide a URL for the stream that eliminates their not-for-profit donation campaign drive.

I did reach out to Naim support and have yet to hear back. I included a link to them of my vTuner data in a screenshot that I inputted; I included the link in my post to you all, but it looks like I’m unable to include links in the forum. Apologies, my bad.

So I’ve gone through the vTuner process with the MAC address of my Atom and URL of the station…which seemed pretty straightforward…but I’m thinking I’m doing something wrong as I get the message…

“Enter the information for the station you would like to add.
The station will be immediately added as one of your favourites.”

…on the “input page,” then get confirmation that all is well on the “My Added Stations” found “naim.vtuner…”

But - - I don’t see the station added to my Naim Atom device.

Any more thoughts that come to mind, I’m all ears.

Thank you!


Have you tried adding another station, just to confirm that the vTuner Added Stations process works for you? Just add the url of any regular non-subscription station to check that it is being added.