Uncommon cable connection question

I have 2 Hicaps powering my 282. Up until now I have used a 250 and so have connected this, as per normal, to the signal out on the ‘first’ Hicap e.g. the one connected to the Link1 out of the 282.
I have now bought a 300 and of course it has 2 inputs, one per channel. My question is whether
to use two outputs from the Link 1 Hicap or - assuming this works - one output from each Hicap.
Appreciate ideally I could listen and see which is better but this means a lot of messing with cables and moving the units so if anyone has tried this I’d be grateful for their advice.

No, use two outputs from the primary Hicap - that’s the one that outputs the pre-amp signal.

Many thanks Richard :+1:t2::grinning:

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