Unexpected beauty

My current system:

RCA to DIN lavender
Thorens TD145
Cheap AT
Stageline N
Nait 5
FlatCap 5
Vertere Pulse x mini (2 x 2.5 mt.)
(total cost = €2805)

Nothing is ok according to rules - the lavender’s signal ring is on the amp side; Nait 5 is resting directly on the FC2; Vertere speaker cables are not NAC A5 and are too short; Sats are 16 cm off the rear wall, not a very solid one, and not against it; but everything sounds perfect.
To my ears and taste, this is the most enjoyable system I’ve had.



Rules an accepted procedure, custom, or habit…:man_shrugging:

It was my only rule the forty years I taught harmony & counterpoint…


You’re forgetting the superfun red wrap on the Teac. It’s obviously adding a dose of je ne sais quoi to the proceedings :grinning::heart:

Say no more. Fantastic speakers. :upside_down_face:

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Great components, right speakers in right room, synergy and brilliant music, result :sunglasses:

Had a TEAC VRDS-20 for 12 years in my (then) olive set till it died.was a great player.

It was golden in the middle of the Naim black boxes, I did nt mind but my wife hated it(the looks definitly not the music).

Having the TEAC professionally painted RED! was one of my best upgrades… :slight_smile:
Say no more… :wink:
I won’t let my TEAC die - I’m ready to any kind of therapeutic obstinacy…

(Hoping no-one with a hospitalized relative is reading and getting offended. I have a record for touching sensitivities).


How many Nait 5’s have you had now Max?

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Unexpected Beauty…
I met her :grin:

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I man, you’re in trouble!

I completely agree with you. My system cost around £1750 in total and provides me a similar amount of joy! There should be more posts like this :+1::+1:


the FC2 works very well, thanks… :wink:

Years ago I went to friend’s place on a Sunday afternoon in my home town. A number of us used to gather there on weekends. Entering in the living room I was blocked on a tile by the sight of a girl sitting on the couch. She was possibly the most beautiful girl I’ve seen so far and the GF of one of the guys. And she came from - Denmark.
She is, so far, my Total Unexpected Beauty, never equalled.

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Don’t tempt me, I am Verbal Kint…

Just two. :slight_smile:

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Great, a very underrated psu.