Unexpected loft find....an old, much loved friend

Rooting around in our cramped loft, trying to find space for more Naim boxes (lol)…I found this tucked away. Thought I’d sold it at the same time as the 250, years ago…very pleased to find it, brings back many happy memories of my first Naim system, but what to do with it? It’s never had a service, since I bought it from Sound Org in…um…a long time ago! Maybe I should power it on, but a HiCap DR would work?
And this must mean I still have the SNAPS up there, somewhere…


I would have it serviced and get it into use ASAP. Wonderful find! Personally I would get a CB hi cap and maybe a 140 and do the same with them.

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As Stuart says… a wonderful find which I am sure many of us, including myself, would love to own esp. matched with a CB HiCap and NAP.

An item to be enjoyed,


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What a lovely thing to find in the attic! Did it ever have a dual rail update? If so, you can power it from the Hicap DR. Otherwise, seek out the matching SNAPS, although beware because it may be well past due a service.

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Thanks @Richard.Dane - I don’t recall it ever leaving me for an update, so I guess I’ll have to track down that SNAPS. Got to be up there somewhere…and, yes, well in need of a service by now.

Wishing I’d kept the 250 now ( I always wished that tho! ) but needed the money, and was under, shall we say, a well-meaning case of ‘domestic’ pressure. Should have just changed the rack back then for something prettier!
Really pleased to find I kept the 32, tho :slight_smile:

Thanks FF and Stuart for the nice replies!

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I would not plug in and switch on. Have a service and decide what to do then.
One reason why I am a fan of Naim is if the factory can service it they will.
Thats not the only reason as we all know!


Yes, when I found it my first thought was ‘wow, wonder if it still works, but…’

It’s been boxed in the loft for quite a few years, never got wet or suchlike as far as I can tell, but I wouldn’t want to risk damaging it until it’s checked out - tho I don’t really know how high that risk is.

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The bigger risk would be from a power amp which might damage your speakers when you start using it. With a preamp, maybe less to worry about. There is a risk from condensation that may have built up over time due to temperature changes in storage. Perhaps you could open up the case and check. Otherwise, just leave it powered up for a day before you use it.
Of course, the safest bet is just to get it serviced before you use it. Maybe they can do the .5 upgrade while they’ve got it.

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Thanks @ChrisSU :slight_smile:
Good to know.

Haven’t really got space (or wifely consent, lol) for a second system…but thinking it may be good to keep in case I go for any changes from SN3 in future :smiley:

Do you have a garden shed with electricity? :grin:


I only ever find water leaks and wasps nests in my loft, what am I doing wrong?



It’s simple Dave, you need to be looking in stevie’s loft.


I wouldn’t - it’s hell in there.

We had two ‘coffin’ water tanks installed. Everything is at the back of them (where I found the 32). Helps to be skinny to get over them!

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Actually we do :grinning:

But the shed leaks (job for the summer, that) and it’s full of carefully wrapped telescopes, and bike bits.

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