Unfortunate Amazon hash tag


I’d say more calculated than unfortunate


Perhaps there’s a sacking in the pipeline!

Funnily enough I thought the same!

You never know! Not my kind of show to be honest, and maybe my mind seeing the swear word first!

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Where’s the new forum apostrophe Police? :smiley:


Can you use an apostrophe or a space in a hashtag?

I am quite sure it is deliberate.

Reminds me of when I killed a. Itnof time at a bmw showroom a couple of years ago. There were demo / advertising cars with big stickers on the side. 3 series, four wheel drive (which is x drive) and SE trim. Couldn’t believe the stickers said SEX-drive…

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Amazon do NOTHING without an eye on the ££’s/$$’s and I am sure they expected people to talk about it! I was at Amazons HQ in London recently and it was eye opening all the way from the massive building without a single ‘Amazon’ mention on it!

No. Any punctuation breaks the hashtag at that point so this example would have become #amazon followed by 'shitcarshow.

I saw a similar discussion elsewhere on the web and tbh was surprised then that the question needed asking. This jape is from the same people that ran a BMW in the Silverstone 24H event with the fake Penistone Biscuits ad down the car’s n/s flank, with the letters tone on the rear door. Open the front door and it reads Penistone without the tone. Or the Indian specail where they draped a huge banner reading BRITISH IT FOR YOUR COMPANY along the side of a train, which when the train separated at BRIT the remainder was left for all to see. And for good measure the Amazon’s Hit Car Show tag was launched with a video of Hammond & May coming up with a ‘snappy sharp tag’ whilst Clarkson was away, the joke being that the two of them didn’t spot it.

I liked it, it was a bit of fun and did its job. Have to say too the latest Grand Tour series has been very good. It’s a shame it’s the last series with the next batch being 4 specials and no studio / tent segments, as they seem to have hit their stride with this one.

See… I told it would work Jeff ! :wink:

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