Unit atom hd level volume preamp

Greetings everyone, I wanted to introduce myself since I am new to the forum.
I have a question with my Unit Atom HD that I use as a source connected to a Michi X3 amplifier by balanced line. The question is at what volume level do I put the Naim Preamplifier so that it doesn’t saturate the sound because if I put it at 100 in audio settings - volume level and out in the volume of the application I raise it above 95 saturates .
What would be the best compromise to know that there is no saturation without losing dynamics?
Thank you so much

I have an Atom into a naim pre/power combination using phono out to DIN in on the pre amp.

I have the volume set at 50% and at that level it seems broadly equivalent to the phono input from the record player, judging by how much I have to adjust the volume on the pre amp to get up to reasonable listening levels and both are much higher than the DIN level input from the CD player. Other contributors have their’s a bit higher based on past correspondence on this topic.

Now, how that equates to the balanced inputs on the Rotel, I don’t know, but I see the Rotel also has an AUX phono input. Is that an alternative?

If you have some other source on hand like a CD player for example, then set the Atom HE volume so that the X3 volume control is in the same position for the same volume from either the CD player or the Atom. Usually this will be about 50-65 on the Atom provided you have the usage scale set to 100 in the settings. IIRC the factory setting is 80, in which case you would be a little higher, but no problem either way.

Not sure why you are putting the Atom HE and the X3 together as the X3 replicates some of the features of the HE. I have an Atom HE, but I have it driving a straight power amp (Moon 330A in my case). If you want a Naim streamer then would an ND5XS2 not make more sense? And if you want the Atom HE, then a basic power amp would work fine.

Hello !!! Thank you very much for the answer, the question is really at what volume it would be good to leave the preamplifier volume in the Audio setting.

I have the audio adjustment bar at 97.

Michi and Naim connected by XLR

Thank you!!

Hello, thank you very much for the answer. Right now I have the volume in audio settings at 93 and then in the lower outer bar I have it at 97. The thing is that if I set everything to 100, which is the maximum in both, the sound is saturated

Regarding the Michi-UNIT ATOM Hd duo, they highly recommended it to me, I bought it basically to use it as a source because I listen to music through Qobuz and Tidal. Before I used a Bluesound and the difference was noticeable.

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