Uniti 1 no speaker output

Hi first time poster here, although I do have a little history with Naim (I recall owning a NAC12+NAP??? on an LP12 back in the 80’s…)

Anyway I own a Uniti1 which a few years ago fell victim to the dim screen problem. It also lacked the 24/192 streamer, so just before the covid lockdown in March 2020 I dropped it in at Sevenoaks who sent it on to Naim for a new screen, streamer board and a service.

Many months later (understandably) it reappeared, and for various reasons I put it in storage and never actually got around to unboxing it… until yesterday. So I hook it up to some (also long-stored) n-Sats and an n-Sub, and after a faff getting the networking going, it all works fine apart from the lack of sound from the Sats. Sub output is fine, Uniti is showing the Spotify track playing on the screen. Just no speaker output. They do however pop slighty on power-up. Headphone output works fine.

Factory resets and changing speaker options in the menu have no effect.

Is this a known problem? Seems a bit odd, it having been sat unused since being serviced.

Grateful for any pointers…

Have you checked the speaker option menu? See 4.4 in the manual

Does the display look normal, volume number etc?
Do you have headphones you can try?

Yes thanks- as I mentioned in my post, headphones work fine and I’ve tried the various speaker options. The n-Sub turns on when “large+sub” and “small+sub” are selected, and off otherwise. So all good except no main output.

Although… I tried it again just now after it had cooled down, and one channel worked! Swapping the speaker outlets proved that both speakers+cables are good. Then I thought I’d plug in some headphones to see if that kick-started the other channel, and when I removed the phones I’d lost both again! :disappointed:

Now I know at least one output stage is fine, it seems to me that whatever switches the output on and off when headphones are plugged in/removed (a relay or solid-state device?) is perhaps failing to do its job…?

When you say “after it had called down”, do you mean that the Uniti is getting hot?

I wonder whether @NeilS has any ideas here?

No, just the normal level of warm- I merely meant it had been turned off for a couple of hours.

AH ok, thanks.

Tried again tonight- same result- only one channel working. If I plug in headphones both channels work through the 'phones, then when they’re unplugged neither speaker output works from then on.

I’ve noticed a few references on this forum to a faulty relay… is my fault possibly a symptom of this relay issue?

There is indeed a two pole relay that switches off the signal to the power amp stage when headphones are detected - it does sound like it may be the culprit in this case.


I had a look inside and identified the relay near the amplifier section of the main PCB. It’s a reed relay, so I tried plonking a magnet on top of it and my speakers came on! I haven’t checked yet whether the coil signal is present but I’ve just left the magnet on there for now since I don’t need the headphone socket anyway. Mute still works, so that must be a different section of the circuit. I think I’ll just run it like this for a while and keep my fingers crossed that the CD transport doesn’t go bad!

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