Uniti 2 as a temporary separate

I am on the path to upgrade.

I am keen to hook up my turntable to a better amp as it sounds ok but not great through the Uniti 2 and I have to turn the volume up considerably more than if I were streaming / playing cds.

Can I run my Uniti 2 through a Supernait 3 as an input? This would only be temporary until I buy a new streamer. I am more concerned about the vinyl playback at the moment.

Appreciate any advice including any hard truths if this not a good plan.


Yes. You can use the Uniti 2 line out which is pre volume control, via a suitable cable (either RCA to RCA or RCA to DIN) to a spare SN3 input.


Bear in mind you will still have to turn the volume up more when playing CDs or streaming. You can adjust the input trims in settings to mitigate this but phono tends to need more volume to sound as loud whatever amp you use.

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Thanks I will demo the SN3 of course to hear the difference on the vinyl and the volume effect on the streamer.

Back in the day I added a NAP200 to my Uniti 2 but I guess a SN3 would be better assuming its pre amp is superior to the Uniti 2’s.

But if you want to go to separates when you get your new streamer, it might be worth making the jump to a separate power amp now. That is what I did.

If you intend to move to a 2 box system such as NDX/Supernait it makes sense to get the Supernait now, but as Nigel suggests above, if you think you will end up with a separates system eventually you could add a power amp instead, such as a 200 or 250, which will not become redundant later.
For me it’s always worth having an endgame in mind so that your purchases take you towards it without wasting money on boxes that you later find don’t fit in with your plans.

Yes that’s my intention to get a Naim streamer. As I mentioned I am keen to see if I can get more out of my turntable with the Supernait now and add the streamer later when I have the dosh. My CDs are pretty redundant now so streaming and vinyl end game for me. Cheers.

I have currently have 3m naim speaker cables - what detriment is there in being 0.5m short of 3.5m the advised length?

Not much at all. I wouldn’t worry about 3m vs 3.5m.

Great thanks.

Should be getting SN3 this week. Do you think running my MM turntable through my Stageline and then into the amp would see any greater benefit from connecting it straight into the SN3? Thanks.

I would try both options and see what you find works best for you.

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