Uniti 2 plus Nap 250 DR compared to Nova

Hi have a Uniti 2 setup as a pre amp into a NAP 250 DR. Sound is very good but there are a few Uniti Nova going . Would I get a noticeable upgrade in sound moving from these two to 1 Nova? If I did would I be best hanging onto the 250 ?
Also for reference I probably listen to more vynel although streaming and digital sources are still important.

Anyone done the comparison.

Not directly. Moved from Uniti 2 to Nova (ex decided to keep the Uniti 2 so I upgraded). Felt there was a noticeable difference but didn’t do a head to head. I then demoed Nova with 250 and didn’t feel it was a worthwhile difference. I ended up going NDX2 and SN3. Had that for a while before succumbing to a bigger upgrade. All have provided the joy of music to be fair.

Swapping out a Uniti2 for a Nova, while retaining NAP250DR needs careful auditioning. Imho it might be little more than a sideways move and only you can decide if it represents vfm.
As always, since your profile doesn’t list them, your current speakers will play a part.
Nova + NAP is not a universally endorsed move by forum peps, ymmv. When I tried, it revealed weakness in the Nova front end, rather than providing a rounded uplift and where in any case, you are buying a box, to only use half.
Given you already have the NAP, the best next move would be a NSC222. Albeit it requires a bigger spend, but having myself made the switch, it is a good vfm move against a Nova. If that is out of reach at present, hang on to what you have for the time being.
Best advice, speak to a few dealers, there are always deals to be done and as always, careful auditioning.

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Yes it’s a bit of a drug alright , trying to show some restraint hahaha

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How did you deal its vynel with the 222 c can it take an audio source as well?
Interesting comments thanks

Andrew that is where having your profile complete or listing in your op is useful.
Yes NSC222 has phono input for MM. I’m not sure if Nova has same, but it does have 2-rca analogue input. Incidentally on Nova all analogue inputs are digitised. So rca input and if fitted, fm module are all digitised as part of the pre stage.

You actually have more options with the Uniti2, as it has a line-out connection, meaning that you can use it as a stand-alone streamer. So, as you have a 250 already, you can add a pre-amp and go Uniti2 (streamer), NAC and NAP250, plus your record player (I’m assuming you have a phono stage for that?). If you have a Naim Stageline phono stage, you can even power that off the Uniti2 as well.

I would suggest a 272 as a better choice. And if you could stretch to it a 222.

Thanks to everyone on there advice. Trouble (ie in a good way)with the Uniti 2 it is very much a swiss army knife with the most options compared to the new unit serries which have lost the same type of flexibility re inputs and outputs.

I didn’t think of hanging onto it and using it as a streamer (or for that matter the other features on the uniti 2 like cd etc). That is a very good idea if i add a more traditional analog amp like a NAC or SN2/3.

My real reason for improvement is the sound stage which although is present of course isn’t as wide as the Atom I have in another room hooked upto Rega speakers. The unit 2 setup sounds constrained. I am toying with swapping out the unit 2 for the Atom in that setup as am curious how it will perform with the NAP 2 and other gear but had hesitated due to the lack of inputs on an Atom. Keeping the Uniti 2 may solve that issue !

Ill let you know how that goes.!


I find the overall presentation of the all-in-ones difficult to better once one starts adding on to them, they sometimes lose something in the mix rather than gaining. However, everyone’s mileage will differ, and of course, in some situations, could be alright. It is certainly up to your own ears if things are good.

I still love my original Uniti 1, it is indeed the swiss army knife of all-in-ones! Still going strong after all of these years.

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