Uniti 2 update

Advice please, I am attempting to update my Uniti 2 to the latest software.
I am using a MacBook Pro laptop, the network connection is wired from router to Uniti, MacBook is connected to Uniti via USB.
I have downloaded the update and attempting update via the Naim Streamer Updater which is asking which serial port to use from 5 options, all are rejected with the error message “Product model:cannot open port”

Have you found the PDF with installation instructions in the firmware update package? This describes the steps for updating very exactly. Also you should find a download link there for an USB driver that you need to install. Without this the MacBook cannot find the unit as a usb device.

But there were some problems people had with this. Maybe you need several retries. And after installing the driver a reboot may be required.

Many thanks, driver downloaded and accepted by MacBook.
Same problem when using Streamer updater, it only show serial ports as follows

  1. Macbook pro-bluetooth
  2. Iphone- WirelessiAP
  4. Iphone-WirelessiAPv2
    Using MacBook Pro-Bluetooth it attempts to download but fails and following error message shown "Product model:Not communicating
    Network address:

Try rebooting both the UQ2 and Mac.

Thanks Mike, tried that a few times.
I am computer savvy and have downloaded countless amounts of software downloads, but this is unbelievable and defies logic, a lesson in how to make things difficult

Have you checked that the Mac security permissions are granting access to the UQ2?

My No I haven’t , I will do that first thing tomorrowlm

Hi Mike
Just the same, error message now states unable to open port.
Should their be a specific port on the list for me to open that is not already shown?

There is quite a detailed description about the ports in the PDF file that come with the upgrade - check that, and check that you have are using the mini usb at the back of the Uniti2. There is a specific drive you need to download that is linked in the PDF notes, which say:

If you are using a USB to Mini-USB B cable then the driver will be listed as CP2101 USB to UART Bridge controller (and in the Streamer Updater it will be listed as SLAB_USBtoUART). If it does not do so then please contact your dealer or Naim Audio to resolve.

Many thanks

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Success, finally downloaded.
Contacted Naim Technical support and they stated that when downloading Mac drivers to a laptop with OS !0.13 High Sierra operating system installed they discovered recently that the following had to be done on the MacBook within 30 MINUTES of downloading the drivers

  1. Go to System Preferences
  2. Then Security & Privacy
    3.Click Allow and which will allow the driver to load and appear in the firmware upgrade program

Tech Support will email a more detailed description via PDF which I received following a telephone call

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Great, glad you got it sorted.

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