Uniti All-in-One to Rel Subs

I just got 2 Rel T9xs to pair with Nova → Triangle Signature Alpha. Couple of questions for the Naim crowd.

  1. To get the high level connection to work, Rel recommend connecting the SpeakOn cables directly to the speaker posts. Red and yellow go to the red or positive post, and black go to the black or negative post for dual sub configuration. Does anyone have this setup? I just want to make sure I don’t damage anything.

  1. In terms of sub placement. I only have the option to put them in the corners or next to the speakers on either side. Which option would everyone consider to start with? See my room setup.


This is correct for stereo sub connection.


I was thinking about adding the same subs to my Nova system — was it worth it?

Just setup the T9x. Listened for 2 minutes. Wife says too much bass can’t sleep and I had to turn it off. Will update with sound quality later.

I have a MJ Acoustics sub wired the same way and it works fine.
It takes time to set the threshold in order to avoid to much bass.

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I don’t have any experience with subs, but I can say for sure the Rel T9x are pretty special for my current setup. It adds fullness and another dimension to my music when my wife is not asleep. It can boom a little too with movies, etc.

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Anyone finding positioning dual subwoofers confusing. For RELs, they recommend adjust phase 0 degree or 180, distance from the corner, angle from corner, but the charges are very subtle.

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