Uniti Atom & a subwoofer

I hope someone can help me in plain simple language. I am a new Uniti Atom owner and my brain completely freezes when it comes to understanding how to connect things. I have a pair of Kef LS50 Meta speakers and would like to connect a subwoofer. Is this possible? If so are there any recommendations? It will be housed in a cabinet.
If it is possible to connect a subwoofer can you provide step by step instructions.
This is a big learning curve for me… but I’m loving it :blush:

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Hi, you have two options. One is to connect a long RCA lead from the Atom pre out to the sub. This is usually simpler, perhaps not ideal if you need a very long lead.
The other way is to connect to the loudspeaker terminals using some cheap, thin loudspeaker cable. This may help if your sub is closer to the speakers than to the Atom.
These two connection types are known as low level and high level respectively, and many, but not all subs offer both options.

You should never put a subwoofer in a cabinet. It will simply become a boom box and sound dreadful. A sub must be out in the room, where it can breathe. If you cannot do this, I’d suggest you abandon the idea.


There is a third way!
The KEF KC 62 sub was developed to match the Meta’s. There is an optional wireless link from the pre out of the Atom ( or any pre amp) to the Sub which works well apparently. I have the 62 with high level connection from a UnitiStar. Highly recommended.

Meant to add the 62 is tiny but powerful and even has a DSP preset specifically for a cabinet though can’t vouch for it. Mine is adjacent to the left speaker.

That still can’t stop the cabinet itself resonating and messing things up!

OK let’s start from scratch…

Why do you want a sub, what is it you are trying to achieve?

How large is the room?

What is the budget?

Are you prepared to do a little bit of additional work to accurately integrate the sub into the acoustics of the room and speakers (or do you expect it to just be ‘plug and pray’)?

Are you interested in using the sub to apply digital room correction for bass resonances in the room? (I can help with this, it does require some measurements using a microphone, but the results are well worth the effort.)

Can you have the sub outside the cabinet? !!!

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Ok, I want a sub because I like a good level of bass.
The room is approximately 10m x 4m
I am a complete novice so an easy setup is preferred
Budget isn’t really an issue. The sub needs to be compact and due to the room layout would need to be in the cabinet if wired. Though if wireless it could go elsewhere.

Yes I was worried if this would be an issue. Sort of got sucked in by reviews saying they can be in a cabinet.

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Thanks for your reply. Can you tell me more about your setup and the wireless link (sorry if this all sounds naive- it’s a big learning curve for me).

The wireless kit for the KC62 is named KW-1. Two modules, sender from the Atom in your case attached to pre outs. Receiver attached to sub. I’ve not got that kit but just know it exists!

Thank you SO much…… think this is just what I need.
Also, thank you for explaining everything so well.

That will free you to position the sub in a much better position - i.e. not in the corner of the room (this will cause a lot of bass boom, a mid-wall position is a lot better) and not beside the main speakers (this will cause errors in the timing and make the bass sound ‘detached’ from the main sound-scape).

A sub needs to be positioned closer to the listener than the main speakers to compensate for the delay in the signal as it passes through the sub and its amplifier; - this is referred to as the ‘group delay’ of the sub, and is typically between 2ms and 5ms, requiring the sub to be between 0.65m and 1.7m closer to the listener.


Brilliant advice. Many thanks
I think positioning is going to be key.

Hi, welcome to the madhouse :crazy_face::joy:
An alternative sub is the small Rel Tzero. Very good for its size/price. Can be be connected at the back of the speakers, & it comes with its own (long) lead for doing this, which means good for ‘positioning’ where working at its best. I run mine with a pair of ATC scm 11’s, as they don’t go down too low, & can highly recommend :relaxed:

The OP has already said that they prefer the wireless connection as that frees up positioning in the room, exactly because it doesn’t need a wired connection. The High Level connection for the REL requires 2 wired connections - exactly the opposite to the advantage of the wireless KEF (which is also specifically designed to match the main speakers making the set-up of the crossover easier!)

Deepest apologies, I didn’t know he ‘wouldn’t want to hear of other alternatives he may like to consider’.

I’m not familiar with the KEF product, but I used to use this product:

audioengine w3-wireless-audio-adapter

Sorry for the late reply. I have been at work.
Thank you for the alternative, but I think I need to pursue the wireless option.
This is still a big learning curve for me, so I appreciate all suggestions.

I’m always interested in other suggestions. It helps me learn as I go along, so thank you.