Uniti Atom - any downsides to using app on both iPhone and iPad?

New Atom user here and was wondering if there are any downsides with using the Naim app on both iPhone and iPad. Would be clash and cause strange issues?

My nd5xs2 has no problems being controlled by 2 or 3 different devices at the same time it seems. Not an Atom, but might be similar system.

I use the app on my iPad plus Android phone with no problems

No issues withy atom/muso/music Qb, and use Android phone app/ ipad app all the time.
No problems at all

@Kryptos experienced issues on a Star when using two mobiles, but this might have been fixed. I’m sure he’ll be around shortly :slight_smile:

There should be no problem swapping between different devices at will. There are a few functions such as playlists which are stored within the app, so will be unique to the device which runs it.

Haha poof!

I had issues but that was many moons ago. Over a year ago.

Since then I’ve moved to Roon for control so it is hard to say if it is still there or not.

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Thanks for the advice :grinning:

No problems here with that scenario using an ND555 and Mu-So, I pick up whichever device is closest - mixture of Android phone, iPad and iPhone to change music.

It will work fine but as Chris mentioned you cant access playlists created on one device in the other

That is interesting that it will use both. Versatile toy.

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