Uniti Atom as a Streamer Only

Hi - can anyone advise if I can use the Atom as a streamer only and have it connected to another more powerful integrated amplifier to drive my speakers and other inputs?

I know it can be hooked up to a power amp but can I use it purely as a Streamer without using the pre-amp functions.

Please advise. Thanks !!

I might stand corrected but I don’t think that’s possible. In fact Atom preamp is not that bad, I am using my one connected to SN 2 power amp and I like how it sounds. What the amp you are connecting to the Atom?

You could do so, but it only has a variable rather than fixed analogue out.

You’d be better off getting a standalone streamer as you’ll have unused hardware components with the Atom - is it the display you find appealing vs entry new streamer?

I use my Nova (purchased when my main system was in storage) as a streamer into a NAC 282 - I’d prefer a fixed level output but there is the convenience of controlling volume in the Naim app/Roon etc.

The Atom is a fine all in one (I had one before the Nova was available), but while a little more expensive I’d expect the ND5 XS 2 to outperform it as a streamer alone if you don’t mind the larger form factor and lack of a display (which would not bother me at all).

To you have an existing integrated amp?

I have not. Contemplating getting a more powerful amp but also due to the limited inputs that tha Atom has. I need more line inputs but am happy with the Streamer.

As per my other reply, I wanted to expand my setup to cater for more inputs but am happy with the Atom streaming. Rather than revamp, if I could just add an integrated amp I would not need to have so many boxes or replace any.

Didn’t appreciate you already had an Atom.

“I asked this of Naim and they said yes, can’t remember exactly what they said just yes, just connect to my 202 .This was prior to the new streamers. I guess you would have to check the volume very carefully.
Have you thought about the Atom as pre-amp cum streamer ? Perhaps with a NAP 200?

THanks but as mentioned I am not looking for more power to boost the sound but looking for ways to expand with more inputs and flexibility with phono stages etc


Hope this answers your question

Thanks :+1:

I would sell the Atom and get a Nova instead. Then you get more inputs (4 analogue and 5 digital) and a nice sound quality upgrade too.


I agree with @ChrisSU Nova is an amazing all in one. Double the Atom power, great sound, more options, looks amazing. Or Star if you need a CD.

But @Alley_Cat also makes a good point, if you haven’t purchased a new amp I would consider ND5 XS2 or NDX 2 with NAIT XS3, used SN 2 or new SN3. Sell the Atom.

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I think there are some equally valid points after my last comments , but the only real negative I can see with is the Atom has mainly digital inputs, other than that it is a Swiss Army knife, streamer, pre-amp and integrated all in one.
The reason for my enquiry is the I had run out of space on my rack and decided that I could use it as a streamer cum DAC on the stand for my AV system . A half sized Atom would just about fit

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