Uniti Atom + ATC SCM7


I am looking at the Uniti Atom for a second system in a small lounge.

Have been recommended the SCM7 as a good match, but reading the Atom is a bit underpowered to run them? Does anyone here use the Atom/SCM7 combo? Any issues?

Speakers need to be placed on a bookshelf with limited width and height.

Other speakers that fit the bill are Totem Skylights and Amphion Argon 0’s/1’s


I used Proac Tablette 10’s with an Atom and it was a great combination. As the Tabs are sealed boxes they are able to go close to a rear wall. They sound best on stands but I had them on shelves initially and they were still very good

Another vote for Atom and ProAcs Tablette 10 Signatures. It’s what I have and love it.


Thanks, unfortunately the tablette 10’s are too wide. 175mm is the max I can go.

May I enquire whether that means you are planning to squeeze the speakers into a tiny gap, say between books? If so, it’s not a good idea. Speakers need air around them.

SCM7s like a bit of power, as is often the case with small, sealed box speakers. The larger SCM11s as easier to drive.
You might also consider Neat Iotas if you really want something small.

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I’ve heard SCM7s with an Atom and think there are better speaker options out there for pairing with an Atom, and I say that as an owner of ATC speakers! The SCM7s work better with a bit more power. As others have said the Proac Tab 10s are a good option and more forgiving regarding positioning than rear ported speakers. Neat Iota’s could be another option if you’re tight on space, though they are rear ported.

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Not squeezed in between anything. One side of a shelf (next to a glass panel) is only 175mm wide, will need to sit there. Other side is open.

SCM11’s are too big as are the IOTAs (these also sit sideways which arent very good looking)

Neat Iotas can be wall mounted which might help with fitting. I use them with my Atom in my office and the combination works well.

If these really won’t fit, I have also heard an Atom driving little Dynaudio Emit M20s to great effect. These are too wide for your space, but I think the smaller Emit 10s would fit. Like most “bookshelf” speakers, they’re better on stands, but if only a shelf is available, they might fit the bill.

BTW I agree with @ChrisSU and @Oxbow that ATC SCM 7s with Atom is probably not the optimum pairing.


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