Uniti Atom automaticaly turns on

Nop, my version do not have the HDMI connection, thanks

No, is not possible, I leave alone

Having the Bluetooth input paired to your phone can do this. I unpaired it from my phone and it was then fine

What does it do when it randomly turns on, does it play music?
Have you owned it from new, or is it second hand?

Hi Thanks,
means it turns on, just turns on, sometimes ith a message to pair bluetooth, I remove the pairing for the app. I am checking now in what intervals does it.
I bought it new in 07.05.2018, but rarely use it, once a month I will say.
I reset the uniti atom from the app, unplug it for more than 20 minutes, put into deep sleep, the 3 together or separate but still, suddenly just turn on.

Have you paired the remote control?

Yes, my remote works, is paired, actually I just press a key in the remote and the screen disappear, I do not nned to repair, nothing everything is working, it just turns on with this screen

is a good think that start to fail now, I though to upgrade to another unti, but…with not much use of it if, I have to send it to service and pay, that will not be good, in 5 years I might have use 12x5= 60 times maybe, is absolutely not reliable.

Have you tried disabling the Bluetooth input?

Thanks, Yes I did, but again is not the bluetooth, I just press any button in the remote (already pair) and the screen message is off

Have you updated the firmware to the latest version?

I think it needs resetting to factory settings properly, not just “from the app”.

Thread diversion but back in the 70s my Uncle had a Citroen, beautiful smooth comfortable car, which up to an hour after switching off would start again of its own accord!

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Yes, 3.8.3 (5453)

Yes, I did it from the unit 3 times and from the App 2 times

FWIW my NSC 222 has randomly turned itself on a couple of times for no apparent reason.

And sometimes my Core turn itself on while playing and the music stops! Very annoying.:frowning:

anything connected via Bluetooth? my Star kept coming on for no reason and it was my PC turning it on. Just a thought.

last Friday I uncheck settings/Bluetooth/Open Pairing and it did not turn on alone, until now that I decided to heard some music, and once start to play auto re-boot, get connected to the WiFi and start play again, all in loop, so I decided to activate again settings/Bluetooth/Open, so far at least did not re-boot, but I will see if auto turn on as it did before

Now the Volume control on top of the unit does not work, I will reset the unit again, but why the volumen control do not work?
Just 5 years, no more than 60 times on. Actually I keep it in the box as it came for almost a year.
It is by far the less reliable piece of equipment that I bought in my life, it is completely unreliable!